ING Miami Half Marathon Race Report – PR Alert

I still can’t walk normally today…must be the sign of a hard earned PR. Miami is an interesting race with so many different facets to tell you about…from the over the top expo which I LOVE because that environment helps to get everyone so pumped up and excited for race day to a crazy party at the start line to running over the water to hotter than ideal running conditions…oh and there is my interview with Bart Yasso to tell you about soon too!Miami Beach
Even when running for a PR, it’s impossible to miss the gorgeous views on this course. But let’s start with my race and I’ll give you more details on ING Miami as well in case you are considering it in the future (foreshadowing…you totally should).

Final time: 1:48:17
Avg pace: 8:15
Overall: 1175/14887
Female: 223/7593
Age Group: 51/1273

THE PR161likes STORY
A 2:17 minute PR wasn’t my A goal, but after sharing it with all of you and getting such phenomenal support it reminded me of to CELEBRATE what I did achieve rather than lament what I thought I should.  I am now motivated to keep up the speed work and aim for another PR…but I want it to hurt less.

Weather: Unfortunately our “cold snap” seemed to disappear race morning and by the 6:15 start we had around 70 degrees and 70% humidity
Body: I ran the Zooma half marathon the weekend before and spent the last 3-4 days of the week very sick to my stomach again. Probably ate something I shouldn’t have while traveling
Mentally: Excited and terrified that I would once again let myself down.
Training: I did so much more speed work and even tabatas on the bike than I have done in any past training. This gave me a lot more confidence, but I think running a half marathon last weekend and only having a few months of my stomach feeling good weren’t ideal….which means I have so much untapped potential.

I mentioned it before, but truly without Dr Gonzalez, none of this would have been possible at all! So for those who have considered getting a coach or have ongoing injuries, find someone to work with it’s worth feeling better and definitely provides added motivation. I didn’t care if my legs fell off, I wasn’t going to let all his hard work go to waste!

Every race is an experiment of one and I’ll be learning from my short comings to ensure another PR is just around the corner…2013 is going to be epic. 

Miles 1-6: I enjoyed these miles. They flew by at an avg 7:55 pace and I took in the great views.
Miles 7-9:  I started to feel like I was pushing a bit to keep that pace, but it didn’t feel like I couldn’t maintain it
Mile 10-11.5: The wheels fell off and I went from a sub 8 pace to 8:30. I tried another chomp, but my stomach was in knots and I couldn’t make my body move any faster.
Mile 11.-12.5: I had planned for David to meet me around mile 11 and run a bit with me in case I was slowing. He hoped on and simply by being there kept me focused. So while that 8:30 pace felt like I was moving through mud I didn’t pull back. A great reminder that I truly need to keep looking for the right training partner.
Mile 12.5-13.22: I wanted badly to sprint it in, but there was no sprint in my legs.ING Miami Marathon
Some of the cool views from the race! It starts in front of the American Airlines Arena where there is music, lights and over 30,000 people to ensure you are fully awake by the 6:15 start. The last photo is from the VIP area…oh yes my readers get access to this area with actual tables and plates so you can sit and escape the crowds for a moment with a perfect view of the finish line.

Gear: Since you often ask what I love, let’s be honest I pull out the best for race day. So here it is:
Oakley Warm Up Sunglasses, Oakley Continuity Top,2XU Compression Capri, Asics socks, ASICS GEL-Excel33 (dying to get my hands on the new version), Garmin 910XT, iPod nano. — I changed post race into my RunningSkirt.

I already spoiled the surprise, but I would absolutely recommend this race. If you are coming from a colder climate don’t plan to PR even though the course is flat. The humidity and heat take a bigger toll than expected. But it’s a GREAT course to enjoy which I validated with the lovely Holiday Challenge winners who flew in to join me – Beth and Lindsey.

  • Awesome course that provides views of the water and covers great areas throughout Miami
  • Great course support with water, Gatorade and first GU about mile 6.5
  • Expo as noted is killer
  • Lots of course photographers
  • Large race means that it stays crowded from start to finish (for the half)
  • Problems with policing the corrals which makes the first few miles really tough — course directors are aware of this and working on a solution that doesn’t detract from the great atmosphere of the start line
  • Huge variety of charity runners and groups, which is really motivational to see
  • Variety of food provided post race (especially fruit!!)
  • Huge post race party area with massage, music, beer tent and more great views of the water

ING Miami ExpoSome of my favorite pieces of the expo besides the great speakers like Bart Yasso, Brendan Braizer and Dane Rauschenberg…a huge map on the floor of the course, the wall of fame with everyone’s name, a huge digital board showing everyone’s tweets and a digital sign you could create then print out.
Gratitude Journal
Jan 30
I am grateful for the excitement of all my readers…my friends and family are tired of hearing about yet another race. Smile


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