ING Miami: A new way of training

After NYC, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do next, but I was sure that marathon training needed to move down the priority list. Lucky for me one great race that starts just steps from my door was just a few short months away, ING Miami!

At that point I decided to try something new with my training. Instead of piling on the miles, I started focusing on speed sessions, tempo runs, plyometric exercises, sprinting on the bike rather than simply riding and adding speed during my long runs as well. It has been HARD. In fact the last time things felt this hard was probably when I trained for that very first half marathon!

The difference this time is I am doing my best to embrace the discomfort. I still have huge doubts about my ability to hit a PR and if my body will continue to feel good or if I’m just having another bout of feeling good. Which is why it’s good thing that in 2013, I am making every choice with purpose and understanding that failure is a part of success.

For anyone who is still thinking about joining me at Miami, here is a code for $10 off RTTFINGMM13
Key Biscayne views – One of my favorite places to run and enjoy our time in Florida!

Jan 7:
AM: 30 min walk, 15 min bike (working on 90 RPM), squat jumps/light weights, 10 min elliptical — didn’t quite have energy for anything specific but wanted to move before hitting the plane to fly home.
PM: Fly back from Snowbird

Jan 8
AM: 7.5 miles with 4 rounds of “speed play”, 15 min walk
Speed Work SessionPM: 30 min walk with David, 20 min stretch

Jan 9
AM: Circuit – 1 mile run, 5 min core/stretch, 1 mile run, 5 min strength, 10 min elliptical, 10 min strength/core, 5 min stair, 10 min stretch, 20 min walk
PM: 35 biking at 90rpm, 20 min stretch
IMG_2080Practicing biking at 90PRM – good for leg turnover

Jan 10
AM: 6 miles with 8 x 400 repeats at 8.0, 30 min walk, 30 min bike
PM: 1.5 miles easy, 20 min walk, 20 min stretch
IMAG0296Check out our matching Asics Gel-Excell 33’s…can’t you just see us in matching track suits next?!

Jan 11
AM: 2.5 mile easy, 20 min walk, 20 min strength/core, 10 min stretch
PM: 30 min walk with David

Jan 12
AM: 14.25 miles biking with 2 x 8 rounds tabata sprints, 20 min walk
PM: 20 min walk, 20 min stretch

Jan 13
AM: 10.5 miles with 4 miles at goal pace, 15 min walk
PM: Beach then yoga

Have you tried switching up your training to see new results? How do you handle doubts about race day?
Gratitude Journal
Jan 14
I am grateful for another weekend of relaxing with David and enjoying the sunshine.

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