Weirdest thing you take to a race??

After a recent Twitter question asking if I could take a jar of nut butter in my carryon the conversation turned highly amusing with this response:
And here is the toaster decorated by Andrea with stickers from every race that is has gone to.toaster
After I stopped laughing it made me ponder what is the strangest thing I take to races…sure the foam roller gets looks, but I’m not sure anything else is all that crazy?  What about you? Anything wild and crazy that you must have for your races?

Gratitude Journal
Dec 14
I am grateful for the power of social media to serve as my “work water cooler” and connect me with people that make me laugh my ass off for no particular reason…otherwise it’s just me and cats working all day around here.

Get your Good Going #bluediamond
Fail, Fail, Compare, Fail

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