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When I first saw the image on PinterestDo not reward yourself with food, you are not a dog”, I had that fist pumping moment of heck ya that’s right, I agree! Then I started talking with my Ironman friend Marni who ADORES her healthy food creations and began to realize that if we were doing things right, food would is a reward.

Food is a reward for all of the work that our bodies do, we’ve just gotten it so twisted that we don’t realize that any more!

This second quote is the one that really gets me because it’s so true…I learned a very bad habit of eating treats alone when I was younger because if no one saw me then maybe it wasn’t so bad or wouldn’t make me “fat”. While no one made me feel fat, I knew I was chubby, but I didn’t know what to do about it.  As I continue to edge towards intuitive eating this habit has lessened and when I notice it happening, I question why I’m choosing the food.
Reward yourself with foodBodyJournal
I am not eating perfectly or as “clean” as I would like, as I am learning new things and always striving to be better. I’ve gotten questions about why is clean eating so important to me if I don’t need to lose weight and I hope this helps those people understand it’s about long term health. It’s about having a lot of energy, it’s about a radiant complexion and knowing I’m doing something good for myself.

None of this is to say that if dreaming of a burger gets you through a marathon that you are not entitled to enjoy EVERY single bite of that burger! But too often we make unhealthy choices because we think we’ve “earned” them instead of thinking of healthy food as a reward too.  Maybe this simply gets easier as your taste buds adjust and you begin to learn healthy ISN’T bland.
I will never be able to think of food as simply fuel, so instead it’s about finding ways to enjoy good food with the side benefit that it is amazing fuel.

Vega is starting a new program in January called Thrive Forward and I’m really excited about it! Many of you know I use Vega Sport protein because it’s dairy free, but also because I have found their sport formula works for me and is CLEAN. Unlike Muscle Milk or other products that have a laundry list of unpronounceable ingredients I know what is in these products.  I learned a lot of this from the Thrive in 30 program they started a few years ago.Thrive
I am excited to go through this program because it is a great way to star the year. Creating better eating habits and gaining new knowledge. I feel like it is easier to make better decisions when I have more information

For instance I wasn’t on the organic bandwagon for years, until I started learning about how organics tend to have more nutrients and to understand the potential long term impact of chemicals. Checkout the intro video and download the welcome packet

I will be talking about the program throughout and sending out some product to those of you with questions! Checkout how Rose hit me up on Facebook after seeing my statement about using a mixture of Vega Sport Electrolyte and Pre-Workout mix at the Palm Beaches half marathon.
What do you think about food as a reward?———————————————————–Running_motivation
Gratitude Journal
Dec 18
I am grateful for bear hugs. The kind that go on and on and on because there simply are not enough words to say how much that person means to you.

Christmas in Kansas City
Sending Love not Sadness

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