Share Your 2012 1st and a Personal Goals Contract

As the year winds down (under 30 days left!), everyone begins to think about what they can do next year to be better…I’d like to know what did you accomplish this year? Maybe it wasn’t even part of your original resolution or goals, but share something you did for the first time in 2012 and why it matters.
wishIn 2012, I feel like there were a lot of first…traveling to NYC, following an actual marathon training plan, leaving my job, going on TV for our wedding story (I know I still need to write about it!), speaking at 2 blogging conferences… I think I am really proud of myself for having the courage to say YES to life this year. I wouldn’t say these were my goals for the year, but they were great experiences and I want to remember to celebrate them instead of only thinking of the future.

If you haven’t hit your goal yet there is still time! Just think if you can set some specific goals in December 2012, you’ll be set up to know what it takes to succeed on your 2013 Resolutions and goals.goalsPicture from a great Etsy shop

A few tips for achieving our goals:

Focus: Focus on one change at a time, creating a detailed plan of steps and solutions for obstacles. Goals are built one day at a time.

Accountability: The Holiday Challenge group is creating instant accountability for many, but you can also find it on your blog, a friend, a co-worker…anywhere. The more you can check in and feel free to express frustrations or success the better.

Work: Understand that setting the goal and writing out a plan is just the first step. After that we have to put in the work required to reap the rewards of our goals. As the saying goes “if it was easy, everyone would be doing it.”

Integrity: At the end of the day it all boils down to honoring yourself. No one else will be disappointed or hurt if you don’t follow through, so how important are you and your goals?

The Holiday Challenge participants all received a great personal contract to fill out for December 2012 to finish this year on our best foot!! A personal goals contract forces you to sit down and think through the details of how you will daily and weekly move forward and to decide if you are truly willing to commit to yourself.


Gratitude Journal
Dec 3
I am grateful for the mental boost of sunshine and blue skies.

Resolution Fun Run 2013
Nighttime biking and RWStreak

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