Can one word change your year?

I stand by the idea that we don’t need a special day whether it’s a Monday or New Year’s to make changes in our lives, that’s why I created #BestFoot Challenges (checkout January’s challenge!). BUT the marker of a New Year provides us with a measurable time frame for progress and that’s why it can feel so powerful. What we measure we change!

Words have power. Even a single word alone can have great meaning when used correctly. Allow yourself to be open to the possibilities of what that word in your life.

The idea of picking a single word for the year has caught on in a big way thanks to people like Ali Edwards. It works by providing an emotional connection to our goals, while allowing for flexibility.  Example: If your goal is to run a marathon then you break your leg, it’s going to be very hard to succeed…but if your word is DETERMINATION then you’ll be more inspired to continue finding ways to be active so you can jump back in to training when you recover.

Even if you follow the process of creating SMART goals, sometimes it is hard to envision yourself at the end of that goal; which is why I think many of the goals we set become wishes! But with a word you can begin to embody your goal and feel successful in making small consistent habit changes.

Print this sheet out and post it somewhere you can see all year round. Then print out one of the corresponding worksheets to help continually track your progress throughout the year and to celebrate your successes.

Don’t just pick any old word…sit with it and really find one that resonates. Maybe you need to dig out the thesaurus to get more creative than “focus” or maybe it’s as simple as “breathe”. In 2012 my word was “Mindful” and I would say in retrospect I lived it more than I realized…you see I didn’t take the time to make these sheets or track it monthly because I got caught up in new goals all the time without considering if they were part of my LONG TERM LIFE PLAN.

Which is why in 2013 my word is PURPOSE.
MyWordOf2013Click image to get a blank copy to fill out for yourself.

Why purpose? I don’t want to write about everything. I don’t want to take just any job. I need to stop thinking multitasking is making me better. I need to take the PLETHORA of ideas in my head and ACT on them, one at a time, but only if they are advancing my goals. I need to enjoy the process of each one before starting to worry about what is next. I need to make decisions rather than becoming overwhelmed with the options.

Pick a word? Need a little help figuring out what word will help guide your year? Click the image below for your own printable one word resolution worksheet…print it, post it, remember it! onewordworksheet

How can you stay focused on your word all year?

  • Create a Pinterest Board – here is mine
  • Start tagging your Tweets and Instagrams with the word!
  • Post the above print outs at your desk, as your computer background, etc.

Get the family involved using a print out from ThirtyHandMadeDays for your kids so you can sit down together to do this!

If you are looking for more motivation, accountability and support to meet your goals in 2013 checkout the January Challenge, just 5 minutes every morning to change your day, week, and year!

Have you ever selected a word of the year? If you have one for 2013, please share it with me!
Gratitude Journal
Dec 27
I am grateful for holiday weekends that give us more time to explore the world around us without feeling rushed or hurried. For taking pictures to remember those moments, but not living behind the camera.

1458.5 Miles and yes that .5 matters
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