Nighttime biking and RWStreak

I practiced clipping in on my bike for the first time during our Shark Valley biking trip and it went really well. Not a single fall over and I definitely like that it allows me to pedal with my entire leg! Certainly no speedy stops in my future and I don’t want to do it in the city. I also got really excited to take the Garmin 910XT with me…I know it was a fun ride, but this watch makes me happy. I can track everything! It buzzes at the miles and has more data than I really need…it’s true love.
Friday night, we then headed out for Critical Mass which is a monthly ride that happens in cities across the country…it’s INSANE (here are more details). Over 3,000 bikers taking over some of the biggest streets in Miami. A few local celebs like Dwayne Wade have started to show up for the rides occasionally…and while I’m a good blogger, pictures in the dark while on a bike are hard!
Oh yes I busted out my Relax Reflect gear for this night time ride…it was AWESOME.

I love that we motivate each other in different ways!! He is definitely more of a biker, which has gotten me to start going and oh yes seeing the course at Palm Beaches this weekend got him thinking…

Keeping the #RWStreak going!

Nov 26
AM: 1.6 mile run, 15 min walk, 25 min strength, 20 min creating WOW 4, 55 min bike trainer
PM: 30 min walk, 20 min stretch

Nov 27
AM: 5.5 miles with 3 @ HMP, 20 min walk
– This cough is really getting out of control.
PM: 2 miles easy, 20 min walk

Nov 28
AM: 5.5 miles (gosh I love this cooler Miami weather!!), 15 min walk, 20 min weights, 35 min bike trainerIMG_1987Nov 29
AM: 1 mile run, 20 min walk, 40 min yoga — calling it a rest day due to sore legs

Nov 30
AM: 7.1 mile with fartleks, 15 min walk, 25 min easy bike
IMG_1995PM – David decided he wanted to go to Critical Mass again…I looked at the route which was 20 miles along Miami beach and decided it looked too fun to miss! I mean how often do you get to shut down streets and just ride for free at night!miamiskylineDec 1
AM: 1 mile easy run, 30 min walk, 10 min stretch, 10 min core
PM: Headed up to Boca for an evening with friends. They were celebrating their 1 year anniversary and pulled the cake out of the freezer…it was impressively good! After some debate we agreed that our cake didn’t survive the trip from Savannah, GA back to David’s parents in Iowa, so we didn’t do the 1 year cake tasting.

Dec 2
AM: Palm Beaches Half Marathon – race report to come, but what a great course!
PM: Planned walk and yoga

Geared up in my Oakley Continuity shirt, Oakley Drizzles sunglasses, Garmin 910XT, Asics Gel Excel 33, Sweaty Band…quickly becoming my outfit of choice.

I think my cold is FINALLY on it’s way out and I didn’t have to resort to any crazy medication. It really just helped to take something to help me sleep each night, green smoothies and hot tea with honey for the cough. WOHOO.

Overall: I was feeling a little emotionally run down early this week, but the easy day in the middle of the week helped a lot and overall I had a blast training this week.

Favorite workout: Loved the bike ride, but I think Palm Beaches was my favorite. Just hours of running along the water in the sunshine, seriously who complains about that?!

Lessons: Speed work is still really hard for me, my legs just don’t stretch out the way they should. I am committed to it though.

Next week: I will continue the RWStreak and work on strength exercises that are extension based due to sports doc recommendation.
Gratitude Journal
Dec 2
I am grateful for friends that you connect with immediately even if you haven’t talked recently or hung out in ages. It’s really a blessing.

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