My CSI moment…then I fell over

Today was another adventure for the Brooks-McLatchie household as we headed South to try biking in a new part of the Everglades (Ernest Coe Park). The park was empty and where we ventured off to we were indeed the only people biking, walking, breathing…just us and some wildlife…the perfect place for an imagination to run wild.DirtRoadAs we hit a turn around point, we noticed a car coming down the “road”. Seeing as how this “road” wasn’t much of a road and had a gate we both started making up stories instantly about drug cartels and CSI. I mean everyone always asks if CSI is filmed here, so why not find our own little mystery! (It’s not for the record.)  Yes, this is exactly the kind of conversation David and I often have…complete nonsense, but highly amusing. Sony Action CamFlorida Panther SignEverglades
I was sporting my Sony Action Cam, so clearly I was invincible and thus not concerned about these drug lords, dead bodies or Florida Panther’s…I mean clearly they cross at these signs so I would have spotted them.

We started heading back thinking maybe a ranger was coming to say what the heck are you doing get off this path. But suddenly the truck turned…that seemed odd since there were no roads or paths.  We kept on heading back and David finally noticed tire tracks through the grass, so I turned ready to do my best CSI work

Forgot I was clipped in…white girl finally caught some air…as I fell to the ground. There was no large thud or poof of dirt or even swearing, all of which surprised me because that’s how it’s portrayed on TV and I’m sure my CSI character would have been cleverly saying something, rather than doing the one thing you should not…putting a hand out to catch yourself.

I laid there for a few minutes trying to decide if anything hurt or I was just dazed. This drew our suspect out of the woods as he was coming to find out if the moron on a bike was ok. Why yes sir, the girl who can’t get out of her pedals and is now laying in a pile of mud should totally be out here on this path.  Actually he was a very nice young wildlife person, who I’m pretty sure trying not to laugh as he asked if everything was ok before commenting that it was a lovely day to ride. This was not true as it was CRAZY windy and looked like rain, but it was enough to get me up and moving quickly.

We headed off and biked another 7 or so miles after this because well once it’s hurt what’s the point in stopping! So far I think it’s just a bit of a sprain, but I was pretty nervous when we first hit the car and I couldn’t use my hand to do anything without sharp pain radiating up my arm.

Have you ever fallen in your bike clips? Funny story or injury? Share please, I’m sure it will make my wrist feel better.

If you are looking for more places to bike, we would not recommend this one unless you are on mountain bikes. The roads are rough and while the scenery would be pretty it wouldn’t be a very comfortable road bike ride. 

Off the roads there are some trails, but most are very short and have a lot of walkers. We really found one of the few old roads that was not in use for cars, but passable by bike. I say passable because I am not an intense mountain biker and I was ok with the level of gravel, potholes, etc.

Unlike our trip to Shark Valley where you ride on a paved path along side the canals and lots of alligators, this area is much more heavily wooded. You mostly see A LOT of wonderful birds and never-ending vistas of sawgrass and cypress trees. If you are heading out for a family trip, there is a great spot at the Royal Palm with a walking path that allows you to see all of the alligators, turtles and birds in their natural habitat.  You will also find a boatload of vultures at this stop, so they provide free tarps to cover your car as the birds like to tear at the rubber around windows and windshield wipers.

There is also a great visitor center when you first arrive that we toured a few years ago when David’s parents came to visit in March 2010. Overall a great family outing and some light hiking, but probably not a place to take your bike…now we know! Check it out…photo flashback to 2010!!
Gratitude JournalRunning_motivation
Dec 31
I am grateful I can laugh at myself when I fall and that David was smart enough not to laugh.

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1458.5 Miles and yes that .5 matters

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