ING Miami Workouts: 2012 Look Back

I’m not big on year end posts, I mean haven’t you already read about my entire year?! BUT Harold is one of the most infectious people I’ve ever met…hmm there has to be a nicer way to say that. Harold of A Veteran Runnah is a really great guy and hopefully one day we’ll both have a fancy schmancy treadmill with iFit built in so we can race each other from across the country he posted his life in numbers and then MissZippy encouraged us all to do a recap with some great questions…so here you go!

My Life In Numbers
31 – the number of years I’ve been on this earth
99 – number I hope to see on my birthday cake one day
1999 – the year I graduated from high school
2003– the year I graduated with a Bachelor’s in Journalism from University of Missouri
4 – number of years it took me to get a 4 year degree – Totally should have taken longer and soaked up the easy life of college.
2 – number of full-time jobs I’ve had since graduating from college
3 – number of years I’ve lived in Miami
0 – number of years I thought I’d live in Miami
3 – number of states I’ve lived in (MO, KS, FL)
1 – number of times I’ve been married
4.5 – number of years I’ve been married to David
10 – number of years David and I have been together
0 – number of children I have
many – number of times I smile a day
0 – number of dogs I have
2 – number of cats I have
3 – number of cars I’ve owned (Ford Probe x 2, Chrysler Sebring Coupe)
0 – number of siblings I have
20 – approximate number of hours to drive to my parents house
8 – number of hours of sleep I get per night
2002 – Year I started running
16 – number of half marathon races I’ve run
1:50 – time of my most recent half
7 – number of full marathons I’ve trained for
6 – number of full marathons I’ve finished – last was the cancelled NYC
4:08:49 – time of my most recent full marathon
1 – number of 5K’s run this year
25:16 – time of most recent 5K race (start to finish with David)
1330 number of miles I have run so far in 2012
6:54 – Fastest mile I’ve run
10 – number of running shoes I’ve bought/received in the past year
1 – number of other shoes I’ve bought/received this year (this is from a former shoe addict).
62 – number of months I’ve been blogging
2 – how many blogs have you started

Best race experience? Hands down the Hat Trick at Runner’s World. I felt better by the last race than the first and it has definitely made me consider doing something like Goofy…hmm.
Best run?
Yikes trying to remember 12 months is hard, so I will go with one that happened two weeks ago. For no apparently reason my long run was faster and easier than it had been in many months.

Best new piece of gear? I’m not even sure I can pick…but I now wear my 2XU Women’s Compression Tights for every race and have fallen head over heels for my Garmin Forerunner 910XT.
Best piece of running advice you received? “You are overdoing it.” — I didn’t say I was good at following it, but it was smart.

Most inspirational runner? Besides me?? I kid. I really am constantly inspired by other bloggers but one that stands out for me is Marlene because she has pushed her limits from speed to distance and does it JOYFULLY! I don’t care a hoot about a fast time if you hate doing it or hate the process.

If you could sum up your year in a couple of words, what would they be? Fun. Even in pushing myself or trying new things, this year was about remembering how much I love running.

Your turn! What’s your life in numbers? And what are your 2012 memories?

Dec 19
AM: 2 mile easy run, 20 min walk, 25 min strength
PM: 30 min walk with David
Dec 20AM: Speed session – 5.7 total, 15 min walk
2 x 400 @ 7:53
2 x 400 @ 7:47
2 x 400 @ 7:41
2 x 400 @ 7:35
– Recover 2 min between each repeat
PM: 20 min stretch
Dec 21
AM: 1.4 mile easy run for RWStreak, 5 min plyo, 25 min strength, 10 min walk
PM: 30 min yoga – had energy to do more, but trying to hold myself back
Dec 22
AM: 50 min bike trainer with 2 x tabata (20 seconds on/10 seconds off), core, 2.5 mile run, 30 min walk
PM: 20 min stretch
Dec 23AM: 9 miles total – 2 w/u 7:36, 7:39, 7:53, 8:06, 3 c/d, 15 min walk
PM: 30 min yogaRunning_motivation
Gratitude Journal
Dec 23
I am grateful for finding a new way to appreciate speed work and the encouragement of others to keep changing that thought process.

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