Christmas in Kansas City

While I love that Florida is 70 degrees in the winter, I certainly miss the feeling of Christmas that comes with the changing of the seasons and the LIGHTS…oh the lights. Miami has amazing palm trees decked out in Christmas lights and trees in the lobby of almost every building, but there will always be something special to me about driving around the neighborhoods all bundled up with my family to enjoy the holiday lights…and yes we do critique them like we are all professional design stars. Anyone else do that?
Our winning house due to not only theme but “classic style” and yes my DROID Incredible took this! Not only is it awesome at night the sightseeing mode keeps the camera on for 5 minutes, so you can put it away and pull it out quickly to grab a picture!

After that most trips must be topped off with a trip to see the Plaza lights….and yes all trips are made in cozy clothing and my new slippers from Dad.
Plaza lights photo from KCTV5
Who says Oakley hats and pants don’t pair well with rainbow footies??

After spending the day with my folks enjoying BBQ and a game of marbles, it was time to head to Iowa to visit David’s family. I was pleasantly surprised to find on our drive to Iowa that my new Droid had amazing coverage. We couldn’t pick up a radio station, but I was streaming video on the 5 inch screen! I know I’m an ambassador so you might question my sincerity… I’m obsessed with this phone and Verizon coverage.

The quiet of our twosome is far more noticeable when we enter the house filled with 3 year olds and 1 year olds! I do love their energy though and of course that I don’t need to change them or take them home with me when they do melt down from excitement overload.
I was also lucky to snag my sister in law for a nice long walk and a run. I think that’s probably one of my favorite ways to catch up with just about anyone! No distractions and lots of fresh air make it easy to talk about life.  I kept that up with my mum when I got home.

For those who have asked no I don’t mind not being there on Christmas Day because I haven’t ever felt that a specific day was required to celebrate. We were very blessed to even make it home at all!

Dec 10

AM: REST…but ohh that #RWStreak so I had to do something so it was an easy 1.2 mile run, 30 min walk, some stretching

Dec 11AM: 5.5 miles – 2×400, 4×800, 15 min walk, 20 min stretch
PM: 2 miles with David, 10 min walk
Cute Pearl Izumi shirt and my Oakley run shorts…last chance before heading North!

Dec 12
AM: 6.25 easy miles, 15 min walk, 45 min bike avg 16mph

Dec 13
AM: Fly to KC
PM: 1 mile easy run with David, 45 min walk

Dec 14
AM: 6.5 mile run – 9:45, 9:50, 7:45, 8:03, 8:01, 9:30, 10 min walk

Dec 15
AM: 2.5 mile run with SIL, 45 min walk

Dec 16
AM: 4 mile easy run, 20 min walk, short plyo
PM: 30 min walk with mom
Curly sweaty post run hair…I was kinda diggin wearing all my winter gear!

Dec 17
AM: 7 miles with ladders 3 min, 2min, 1min – speed then recover same amount of time x2, 15 min walk
PM: Walk with mom
Overall: I was pleasantly surprised to enjoy every minute of that 30 degree temp in KC on my runs. I am not sure what has changed, but I’m enjoying speed work!

Best workout: Felt really good about the ladders workout

Lessons Learned: Speed work not on the track is still speed work and a lot more fun. I do have to focus on my run more during those session though, so saving the podcasts for recovery and long runs

Goals for this week: My workouts are going great, so this week my goal is actually to get focused on my work. I need to decide what it is that I really want to do and then map out that plan!
Gratitude Journal
Dec 19
I am grateful for easy holiday travels and the unexpected chance to see everyone! We really didn’t think we would make it back in December.

Price tag on sleep?
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