Christmas Cookie Fueled

Are cookies the ideal way to fuel for a run? No. But this weekend I feel like they were my special magic cookies! Saturday morning I attempted my long run and after 5 miles called it quits due to lead legs. It certainly had NOTHING to do with the RWStreak and biking a ton the day before…cough. 

We then headed out for a fun Holiday Party on South Beach at one of our friends…apparently a couple of cookies…or A LOT of cookies are the perfect fuel because on Sunday I bolted out of bed with less sleep than normal and ran about a minute per mile faster with 0 effort!

Checkout the Miami skyline in the background!! I had so much fun hanging out on the balcony with these ladies taking in the view and thinking…hmm in KC I’d be doing an Ugly Sweater Party…here I had to figure out how to go festive without sweating!
Mistletoe, one of the many lobby trees now abounding in Miami and of course lots of Chanukah too! LOVE the celebration equally of so many great traditions.  I also spent part of Sunday doing a little Giftmas shopping for the Salvation Army!

AM: 1.1 mile shake out run, 25 in walk, 20 min stretch, 70 min bike trainer
PM: 30 min walk with David

AM: 8miles easy, 20 min walk
PM: 30 min walk

AM: 2 miles easy, 20 min walk, 70 min bike trainer
PM: 40 min walk, 20 min stretch

AM: Speed session – 1 mile w/u, 2 miles @ 8:00, 1 mile c/d, 30 min walk, weights
PM: 30 min walk

AM: 3 miles easy, 70 min bike, 10 min stretch, 15 min walk

AM: 5 miles – was supposed to be 10 but legs just said no
PM: 15 min weights, 10 min stretch

AM: 10.4 miles – avg 9:14 pace, 15 min walk, 60 min bike trainer, 30 min yoga

Finally we topped of the weekend by seeing a show that has been on my “Must See List” for years; Stomp. It did not disappoint! Once again I proved to David that he does in fact like the theater…then we watched a CHEEEEESY Family Channel Christmas movie.

Overall: Energy is high and I’m excited to be working through a new plan with Dr Gonzalez to hopefully hit a great PR at ING Miami.

Favorite workout: Sunday was OUTSTANDING. I really wanted to just run all day long it was a fast pace and so effortless.

Lessons: It’s great to have more energy from feeling better, but I need to reign it in and focus on the most important parts to hit my goal.

Next week: I will honor my hunger and eat only then…even though I will be tempted by some delicious treats on our visit to Kansas City and Iowa.

Are cookies good running fuel?? What is your favorite night before a long run meal?
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Dec 9
I am grateful for candy canes and snowmen and elves and holly and berries and the whole bright decor of the holidays.

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