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We all know that regular exercise keeps you fit, healthy, happy, and sane right? We also know the benefits of regular exercise include better sleep, self-confidence, better health, stress relief and it simply feels good. So, why isn’t America exercising? The most often reported percentage of Americans that do not exercise is about 30% and most often the #1 reason is not enough time.

Out of curiosity I asked family, friends and co-workers, “what is your biggest obstacle to exercising on a regular basis,” the #1 answer was, as you probably guessed, not enough time.

About 2 years ago I found myself constantly feeling like I didn’t have enough time to work out and rightfully so. My kids were getting older and becoming more involved in sports and activities outside of school, working full time, along with the regular day to day to-dos that have to be done. For all the reasons listed above (mainly my sanity) I needed to find a solution. I was a member of a wonderful fitness club and had been for a very long time. I really couldn’t imagine not having a gym membership. Then it dawned on me. A simple solution that I failed to see was to cancel the gym membership and start working out at home. Now, I can honestly say it was one of the best health and fitness decisions I’ve ever made! Sure, I miss the social aspect of going to the gym every now and then and I occasionally miss the group classes, but overall the benefits having a home gym, by far, outweigh the benefits of a gym membership.
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1. Save Time – That number one problem that prevents people from exercising regularly was solved. Yes, my kids are still busy and the to-do list always seems to be long, but by using just the 1 hour of, what was once, travel time for every gym visit to workout I was more consistent and productive than ever before.

2. Save Money – Even with the initial investment of setting up a home gym I saved money with not having to pay a membership fee. Tip: I used the money that I would have used for paying the gym membership to gradually buy the exercise equipment I needed.

3. Efficient – Sure, I was saving time but it wasn’t like I suddenly had an endless amount of time to workout. With having a home gym I didn’t have to wait for equipment, I could do more in less time and I had so much more flexibility with scheduling workouts by not having to plan around gym hours and class times.

4. Success – I started strength training, yoga, etc. more consistently and ultimately experienced more progress and improvement in my physical fitness than ever before. Exercise stopped feeling like such a chore and I enjoyed that time unlike ever before.

5. Family Time – My husband and children are, and will always be, my top priority. Working out at home has stopped me from ever feeling like I had to sacrifice family time (and feeling guilty) to exercise. In the end, reasons #1-4 have made me a better mom and wife. Bonus: Occasionally, Chad or one of my kiss will workout with me. That rarely, if ever, happened at the gym.

In case I have you convinced to at least consider working out a home I don’t want to run the risk of having you think it costs too much money. I learned from experience that there are a few simple tips for setting up a home gym that make it cost efficient and doable.

1. Find A Space – Find that one place that you can permanently store all of your workout equipment, easily accessible, available at all times without being obtrusive to your family. Tip: It doesn’t necessarily have to be an entire room. I started out in the living room with my equipment in a corner behind a chair.

2. Create A Budget – With the excitement and anticipation of setting up a home gym it’s easy to go overboard with buying equipment. Know how much you have to spend and stick to that amount. Like I mentioned before use the money you’re no longer spending on a gym membership fee for the initial costs.

3. Keep It Simple – As tempting as it can be, avoid rushing out and buying every fitness gadget and equipment you think you might need. Of course start with what you already have on hand. I “borrowed” the TV out of my husband and I’s bedroom. Next, buy only the equipment you will need and know you will use often. Think about the basics, a few sets of hand weights, resistance bands and mats. You can easily achieve a complete workout with very little equipment. You can gradually add to your equipment arsenal as your fitness increases and without breaking the bank.

4. Find Workouts That You Enjoy – The social aspect of going to the gym was one thing that I enjoyed when I went to the gym so, with giving that up, I had to find a way to make sure I replaced it with other things that I enjoy. I’m a DVD routine kind of person. My all time favorites are Beachbody’s P90X, P90X2 and Les Mills Pump. Using DVD programs keep me motivated and I trust that what I’m doing is effective. The work is done for me so I don’t have to spend time coming up with my own workout routine. Maybe DVD programs are not for you. No worries. There are millions of online resources that provide a variety of workout routines. Try Googling home workout routines or visit my Pinterest “Workout” board for more variety of workout routines than any one person will ever need.

Like I said, having a home gym is one of the best health and fitness decisions I’ve ever made. If not having enough time is one of your your top 5 reasons for not exercising regularly give workout at home a try.

I’m a wife, mom of 2, full-time psychologist, FitFluential, Sweat Pink and Girl Gone Sporty Ambassador that is passionate about running, plant-based nutrition, fitness and an overall healthy lifestyle.  I believe living a healthy life is not about perfection. It’s about commitment, effort and progress! I could chat about this stuff forever so if you have any questions about setting up a home gym or if you’re interested in finding out more about Beachbody products and what might work best for you please feel free to contact me at I would love to know if you decide to try home workouts and what you think.

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