Egg Free, Dairy Free, Parasite Update

As you may have seen from my recent Vegan Thanksgiving and Vegan dessert posts, I am working hard to find options that stick to my new dietary guidelines. To be clear I am not Vegan now, but many of those recipes fit the bill and also encourage me to think outside the box for delicious healthy options.  At first it felt very much like I was giving up things and not having my daily vegetable omelet was extremely hard.

However now that I am FEELING the benefits (it’s been about 6 weeks), it will make it easier to stick with these changes. Within just a few weeks of cutting out dairy and eggs:

  • My acne has cleared up. – It was never bad, but I was always broke out along my nose and fighting it on my chin. I had tried ProActiv with no results and now only break out after having too much sugar or dairy/eggs.
  • My whole body seems less bloated. – Weight that I was baffled about over the last 6 months seemed to just go away and all of my clothes got looser.
  • My energy has skyrocketed. – I have not had this much energy in at least a year. I have been sleeping 9-10 hours a night for a LONG time, now 8 is plenty.

It is also important to note that I had a stomach parasite which was exacerbating all of my symptoms. I started the following routine help resolve all of them! Please note I am sharing this due to many questions, but you should talk to your own doctor before starting any kind of plan.

Benefits of going dairy free

My morning routine now includes a Vega Sport performance protein shake as soon as I wake up. This ensures that I am immediately getting protein in to my system, due to the parasite and allergies I was not absorbing or using protein correctly. A side benefit is that according to Tim Ferris’ The 4-Hour Body if you get in at least 20grams of protein within 30 minutes of waking it helps you lose weight (I’m coming for you chiseled abs)!

Vega also contains gluatmine which is helpful in combating stomach issues from ulcers, Crohen’s and other immune diseases. According to WebMD, as the body under goes periods of stress, glutamine is required to help the body prevent muscle wasting and the body often does not produce enough during these periods. Having it in the protein powder helps provide the body with an easily digested source and it also seems to help with stomach issues by creating a binding effect on food in the stomach.
Vega SportFull routine:

  • Vega Protein shake upon waking
  • Krill Oil (or ground flax) after workout with a green smoothie containing Vega Sport or Vega Energizing powder
  • Anti-Candida pill (for the first 30 days of treatment)
  • Probiotic with lunch and dinner
  • Avoid dairy and eggs the majority of the time
  • Cooked veggies
  • Colonic – Ha snuck that one in on ya didn’t I!

Yes upon Dr Gonzalez’s advice after a few weeks of taking the anti-candida and cleaning out the offending foods I went for a colonic to help flush out the parasite. It’s not something I plan to do again and not on my list of things I recommend for optimal health, but it was necessary here.  Thus far all measures seem to be working!

Since I’ve now gotten this question from every person I’ve talked to about going dairy free, I just wanted to address it here. While I am taking a high quality pro-biotic, this is not a cure all or a free pass to eat dairy. IT does seem to allow me to have a cookie or a little bit of ice cream once in awhile without the stomach pains later. However, I have found that my face still breaks out and I will notice a dip in energy a couple days later.

I’ve talked before about the importance of high quality bio-available supplements, but did you know that if you are taking a multivitamin from CVS it may not be working because all the additives could prevent your body from absorbing the minerals. Crazy, right?! Yup I’d rather put my money in something I know works.

Giving up dairy wasn’t awful, BUT I believe that’s because I had a lot of information to go with it. I am a person who likes facts and science to prove that the decisions I’m making are the right one’s. There are alternative foods like Daiya on the market (tastes awesome), but I’m aiming to stick to whole foods and not try to replicate it with fake foods.

Lucky for me Alisa was kind enough to mail her book Go Dairy Free…freaking amazing! Tons of information about how allergies manifest, how many people are effected and so much more…including of course recipes and products that are dairy, egg and gluten free!
Gratitude Journal
Dec 11
I am grateful for the FedEx and UPS guy…seriously you know how everyone smiles when they show up! Who doesn’t love getting packages!

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