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The moment I heard the term “Soul Vitamins”, I knew it would become part of my vocabulary. It’s probably the best way I have heard to describe why I spend time focusing on meditation, affirmations, reading, relaxing and yes even working out! It’s easy to focus on the tangible vitamins we get from foods, but I think that what feeds our soul is just as important.  What good is perfect health or six pack abs or a super speedy race time if you are miserable?
Soul_VitaminsLast week my personal goal was to find time each morning to meditate. Using the tools I found from how to achieve your goals, I wrote down a very specific goal and how I would handle obstacles. Then I put it on my Sacred Six list each day.

I will meditate for 5 minutes each morning after I finish my workout. If I say “I’m too busy”, I will sit down immediately and start my practice because that is the moment I need it the most.

Having this outlined kept me focused and on track all week. In addition to the time I spent meditating, I listened to some great audiobooks on my iPod during my runs. Sometimes running is where I go for quiet and other times to laugh, but right now it’s really where I go for added motivation. Audiobooks and podcasts for me are a great way to learn something new or just inspire me…they also make me run longer!

Unfortunately that running moment of Zen can wear off so quickly when you get back to the computer and life craziness. Which is why I’m excited about the new toy I found…Gaiam TV.

I thought this was simply a place to find yoga videos, but as usual I was wrong. This place is Soul Vitamins to the max! A variety of topics to feed your mind and heart from meditation, to yoga, to films, to workouts!

First I settled in to watch Fat Sick & Nearly Dead, which I had heard so much about from other bloggers. Watching this right before Thanksgiving was the perfect reminder to keep my indulgences in check and enjoy a daily green smoothie. The film list also includes one of my favorite documentaries The Happy Movie!! Have you seen this yet? It’s a short and uplifting film about happiness around the world. Seeing people in various situations provides insights on how we can be happy in any given moment and to PURSUE what makes you happy.

After a little more digging I also found Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred! I have followed Jackie Warner’s plan in the past, but have been looking for something new to keep me on track with strength training so this is now the plan. Once I found it I could add it to my playlist, so no searching for it again…it’s probably not even right to be so excited about this.

I’ve already said running is part of feeding my soul, but lately I’ve come to appreciate the feeling that I get from strength training as well. It makes me feel strong and powerful, while reminding me that I can do hard things.  I was just at Target looking at a shelf of her DVD’s and wondering what to try, now I can test them out!
Am I the only one who didn’t realize she had 4 rows of DVD’s?! I love this image before videos play it immediately puts me in the right frame of mind.

Since I’m a girl on the go, I was also excited to see the website is mobile friendly. That means I can now listen to Wayne Dyer and Jack Canfield while I’m running…while I may not be watching the video, I’ll still be getting the messages. I also found so many other authors and stories that I hadn’t yet heard about, but know I will love.

How do you get your soul vitamins? Do you like to read and listen to inspiring things? If so hit me up with some recommendations!!
Gratitude Journal
Nov 27
I am grateful for friends who care enough to put together great events simply because they can.

FTC Disclosure: I was compensated for this post by Fitfluential, but all moments of zen, sweat and opinions were made solely by me.

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