Post run social or shower?

One of the great things about group runs in Miami is they have a very social feel to them…well right after everyone runs each other in to the ground they get social. I’ve always been a little amazed by this because post run I am a sweaty mess and can usually only think of one thing: showering.
I love my friends, I don’t even entirely mind sitting around in my own sweat…but when I can just feel it on my face all I can think is ewww break outs…usually followed by ewww this kind of stings now that the salt is drying.

13.1 Fort Lauderdale gave me a chance to finally hang out and enjoy the beach due to Shower Pill. Even when the Miami temps dip to a cool 70 at the start, I’m a mess by mile 3. I don’t glisten, I sweat. By the time I hit the finish line in this race I could feel the salt ready to dry on my face and soon realized it was caked on with extra sand!

The crazy winds were blowing debris all over the course and my face was apparently a prime sticking point.IMG_1725Shower Pill13.1 Fort Lauderdale Post Race
What the heck is a shower pill?? It’s not a baby wipe, but it is very similar in texture and feel. It’s a soft wet cloth that has Aloe Vera and sanitizer to kill bacteria. I hate scented things so I was happy to find that while this smelled clean, after it dried in a few seconds there was no perfume residue.

David also just reported to me that he read an article in Men’s Health warning about he dangers of bacteria in the weight room. I really never considered that NO ONE wipes off the dumb bells, so again these will be getting used post gym session to keep me healthy over the winter.

Also important to me is that these are paraben free. They are frequently found in shampoos, conditioners and a lot of other make-ups as a preservative. Enough studies have linked it to cancer that I’d prefer to avoid them when at all possible.

When you finish a group run or race do you stick around to hang out or feel like you just have to get home to shower??
Gratitude Journal
Nov 17
I am grateful for weather so perfect you want to do nothing but sit outside with a good book…I’m on my way now!
I received this product free to try, but all opinions, sweat and sand were provided by me.

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