$4,000 Treadmill – Could you justify it?

Since seeing the Boston Treadmill from ProForm, I have been doing some daydreaming every time I even set eyes on another mill. I even included it in my Fitness Technology gift guide and I’m pretty sure even those who can’t stand running on a treadmill would be sucked in to this…I mean I can run with friends across the country, see the Boston course while I run, go uphill and DOWN?!

What would it take for you to justify purchasing a $4,000 treadmill? Boston Marathon Treadmill

Hmm a top speed of 15MPH…surely if I trained on this I would get to the point where I would need that! Yes even at this price I’m still totally smitten with it, but unless an anonymous donor or gracious sponsor steps forward it probably won’t be under our tiny Christmas tree.  Did you see the wining lotto ticket was in KC? I called my parents to make sure they weren’t holding out on me, they said no, but I’m hoping they were just talking to lawyers. Smile

I was pondering this during my run this morning and I don’t know if it’s the sinus infection or the runner’s high, but I did figure out that if I ran on it every day for 10 years and 1 month, the cost would be $1 per day…since one of my goals is to run until I’m like 90…maybe…
Gratitude Journal
Nov 30
I am a grateful for holiday classics like National Lampoons Christmas Vacation which never fail to make me laugh for days afterwards.

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