How To Follow Through on Goals

Smart, measurable…yeah yeah we’ve all heard the acronym and we all know the best way to set goals, but sometimes where we fall off the track is in the week to week execution.

The truth is many of us continue to seek out the newest article on 5 ways to lose belly fat or 6 tricks to improve your speed, but we already know what we need to do to make changes…put in the work.

We find a new plan and think yes this one will finally work! Logically we know that it actually would work if we do it. But there’s the catch, the knowing and the doing have somehow gotten disconnected. Is it because we are trying to achieve too many things at once or because haven’t decided what is a priority or because we simply got sucked in to Pinterest?

I’m not exempt from this, but now that I recognize it I am ready to take steps to change it. That’s one of the reasons that for the Holiday Challenge this year I created a downloadable weekly journal to track points and set goals.
The point is to set a goal that is specific to your life and circumstances. Do you want to become a morning workout person, but you’ve found in the past that late nights consistently derail you? Time to decide if your goal is truly to workout in the morning what does that look like? 5AM wake up call? Saying no to happy hour on Wednesdays?

Try to think through the entire scenario and set out your plan. Little successes are what lead us to major changes. 

I talked in the past about using the Sacred Six technique, but I’ve kind of fallen off as life got busy, which is exactly when I needed it most. Nothing has ever made me as focused and productive as using this tool. The Sacred Six was introduced to me by  It involves as you might guess writing out a list for each day of the 6 most important things that you need to accomplish, the list is NON-NEGOTIABLE so don’t put scrub toilet if it’s less important than send birthday card. Ideally you will write the list out the night before so that you know where to start your day.

Not 7 things, not 8…ONLY 6.  My six often include “Eat Clean” or “Meditate” and yes it’s because I think those are a higher priority than dusting.  This doesn’t mean you won’t get to other things, but it helps you to truly focus all day long on where you will see the most benefit.
Don't procrastinateUsing this system ensured that I accomplished tasks I had been putting off for weeks and with far less effort because I wasn’t worried about a mounting to do list.

BE A FINISHERI am a great starter. I have 42 post ideas in my queue and 32 magazines with dog eared pages of workouts and 5 half read books on my night stand. I love knowledge and I consistently seek out new information, but if I don’t put it to practice what is the point at the end of the day?! 

Today I’m settling in to write down some specific goals, action plans and affirmations to get to the finish. I want to finish 2012 strong and with momentum to do great things in 2013.

What’s on your “I’ll do it tomorrow” list that you can take action on today? ——————————————————-Running_motivation
Gratitude Journal
Nov 20
I am grateful for laptops. I barely remember what it’s like to be chained to a desk!
You can still join the Holiday Challenge and work on your own end of year goals!

Vegan Thanksgiving Dinner
Holiday Challenge Kick Off!!!

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