How not to prepare for a race

When you know better you do better.” – Oprah

I think this is one of my favorite quotes because it is a great reminder that sometimes in life we mess up and thankfully we can learn from those mistakes to make a better decision the next time around….except for all the times we knowingly make bad decisions.

Today I did pretty much everything you shouldn’t do if you have a desire to PR the next day…I think my brain just hasn’t fully registered that tomorrow is a race. I piled on the stressful situations and topped it off with lots of fiber!

I was prepared to have a few weeks of rest and then start a new cross training plan after NYC. Now I’ve got 4 half marathons on the schedule in the next 3 months.

Knowing that I am really particular about my hair, I should never have attempted it not only pre-race…but I’ve got a big event in LA next weekend and now I’m extra stressed for it. I needed a little shape up on my hair since it has started to grow out…what I ended up with is a cut shorter than the first one. As you might have guessed since I hated it the first time around, I was even less pleased this time (fake smile).
Left side is pre-NYC and right side is now… I look like a turd. But let’s go through this little process…I came home with what felt like a bowl cut, it just wasn’t me. I hopped in the shower to try and fix it myself…then took a long walk…then called the salon and asked if we could try to fix it.
Tiano was super friendly and actually said he knew when I left that he had made my hair way too dark and was happy to try and help fix it…the cut that’s another story because I wasn’t about to offer to let any more locks be chopped. David for once piped up that he liked the cut, so that makes me feel better. It just isn’t my thing, but at least someone likes it!

When I was younger shopping just reminded me that I wanted to lose weight or my legs were too long for the in store pants, but now that I’ve been working at home for 3 years it’s just a reminder that my style sense has vanished. I walked ALL over town…literally this wasn’t just mall walking this was leave the car at home and walk to stores. But like I said we fly to LA on Tuesday for this event (can’t wait to share) and so I knew I needed some clothes…my black Oakley capri’s weren’t going to do it this time.
My great friend sent me on my way with some potential suggestions for how to use color…I sent her a couple photos which were epic fails. No shorts with a sweater (different seasons) and I just couldn’t quite figure out the blue pants.  Luckily she’s coming over tomorrow to survey my bizarre purchases.

Keep it light, avoid high fiber foods and enjoy some carbs…that is what a person should do. Instead, I steamed up two cups of broccoli and cauliflower to go with my meal…I’m sure I’ll still this this is a fantastic choice at 4:30 AM.

But on the plus side, I avoided eggs and milk for the last few days. I also followed my meal with a bowl of brown puffed rice cereal, almond milk and oh yah Trix cereal thanks to David’s well stocked garbage food cabinet. And I think I’ll have some popcorn now! So we’ll call that carbo loading!

Last weekend I may not have gotten to run the NYC marathon, but I still did 26 miles during our time in NYC. Then when we got home I started lifting and biking and yoga…right so nothing like a taper.

And yet I am still hopeful that I’ll PR at 13.1 Fort Lauderdale because:
– the weather will be perfect
– I have a lot of friends running
– it’s been a race I’ve PR’ed every year
– I really love the course
– I don’t plan to try anything new on race day…yet

Do you ever make choices that go against your better judgment?? Ever broken all the pre-race rules and had it work out?
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