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If you haven’t taken a peak at the Holiday Challenge schedule, I wanted to give you some fun updates on things we’ve got happening for 2012!  The challenge starts on Nov 19, so get excited and get registered if you haven’t yet!

Get refreshingly straight forward and real answers to your questions! Are you training for your first marathon? Trying to make your favorite holiday dish healthier? Need a workout you can do while visiting the in-laws?

This year I reached out to some great friends who are all experts in their area. They will be answering questions on the private Facebook Group page. So if you’ve ever wanted a little personal training here is your chance.

That’s right the Q&A will NOT be posted here on the website, but ONLY in the Facebook Group!  If you’ve already signed up, just send a request to join the group and I’ll double check your name then get you added!

Not only do those who have been effected by Sandy need help, but all throughout the holidays people are seeking  shelter, food and gifts. Gifts might seem insignificant right now, but just remember your excitement as a child and imagine thinking that you wouldn’t have a single thing to open…heartbreaking!  About 6 years ago,  I convinced my company to put our money towards buying gifts from an Salvation Army Angel Tree rather than doing an in office Secret Santa.

I don’t know why, but the act of actually picking up that little paper angel with the tiny handwriting and picking out the present felt so much bigger to me than sending a check. That’s why this year some of the registration fee is going to charity! I’ll be sharing with you how your registration is giving back as the season continues.angeltree

If you haven’t signed up yet, what’s stopping you? Too many prizes? Too much fun? Too much support? I know these things are all pretty easy to turn down. Don’t wait for January 1 to make changes, start creating new habits now and with group support!
Do any of these excuses (excerpt from sound familiar…are you using them for more than the challenge? Maybe this is your chance to move past them:

Excuses About Time 
I’m too busy to do what I love.
I’ll do it—someday.
It’s too late for me now.
Excuses About Money
I don’t have the money to get started.
I can’t make any changes until I pay off xyz.
I need a bigger safety net before I take a risk.
Excuses About Other People
My friends and family don’t think I can do this.
My friends and family don’t think I should do this.
I don’t have anyone to do this with.
Excuses About Probability
Things likely wouldn’t pan out.
I’ll probably be scared and uncomfortable if I try.
I’m not sure if this is the “right” decision.
There aren’t any guarantees.

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Nov 9
I am grateful for organizations that make it easy to give and come up with creative ways to reach out within the community.

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