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A book on running might make my eyes light up, but at least a few of my friends would glaze over with that fake smile you reserve for the aunt who gives you tube socks and underwear each Christmas.

If there is someone in your family that you’ve been trying to motivate, but know a gym membership simply won’t cut it and book will sit on the shelf collecting dust…it might be time to take their training to a whole new level. Technology has long been a source of entertainment and now it can be used to entertain them in to some great shape. Here are some out of the box fitness technology gifts.Fitness Technology Gift Guide

Stationary bike gone Mr Gadget
With the ProForm Le Tour De France be prepared to have your mind blown! I got to see this bike in action at the Runner’s World Festival and it is crazy. Moving UP and DOWN so you can actually feel like you are riding hills. You won’t just be doing any hills, you can be actually watching yourself ride through the Tour De France course thanks to the integration of iFit and Google Maps!

Mobile Battery Charger
Don’t let a dead iPod or iPhone be an excuse not to workout with this portable battery they can keep their run pumped up with Songza, capture images of a rave run or turn on any mileage tracking tool will keep them accountable! The best price I found with good reviews is for the Mini Battery Extender and Charger for iPod and iPhone. It may not fit in to your armband this way, but it does ensure that if you need to charge on the go you are always ready.

Treadmill to Beat All Others

Dear Santa,
I believe in you, but a few other people have doubts and I think the best way to show them you exist is probably to ensure I get this Boston Treadmill for Christmas. Technically it’s not out in stores yet, so clearly the only way I could get it would be through a little chimney magic. I can then show them that the Easter Bunny also exists when I reach a BQ time after training on it.

On the off chance that Santa doesn’t swing by the ProForm Pro 4500 Treadmill is also amazing as it includes a decline function and the built-in iFit programs just like the Tour De France bike. Why is that so cool? You can actually plug in a route and the machine will automatically adjust inclines and show you on screen what you are running.  I could certainly be inspired to do more hill work if I were running the NYC course or some great trails!

I swear if you use this for a clothes hanger there simply is no workout equipment on Earth that will motivate you!

Visual Workout Data
Tired of looking down at your watch or just want to feel a little more like Tom Cruise a la Mission Impossible? 4iiii Sportiiiis Heads Up Display System will take you to the next level in technology. This has been out for awhile, but continues to improve and impress. The display hooks on to your sunglasses and will give you a read out of data including things like distance and pace.

Underwater/Beach Phone Protection
After yet another run in South Florida where a rain storm popped up out of the bright blue sky and left me scurrying for cover to protect my phone, I went in search of something to help. Solution: LifeProof Case. I have happily been able to take my phone to the beach, snorkeling and drop in on many a floor without worry.  The sound is occasionally a little muffled, but the overall protection has been worth it.

And if you want to make sure they have more reasons to use their iPhone to keep them moving checkout an Audible subscription: Download and listen to best selling audiobooks on your iPod or mp3 player, only $7.49!

Do you love using technology to stay motivated or do you have a family member who it might inspire? Any techie gifts on your wish list this season??
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**None of these are paid reviews or recommendations. I selected these products after seeing them at events or thinking I wish my workouts were more James Bond!

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