Permission to talk…Sex

Things I don’t talk about on RunToTheFinish
– Sex
– Bathroom habits
– Snooki and Jwoww

Hmm that might be about all I don’t talk about…blogging really makes you an open book.

Today we’re going to change one of those by cracking open the door to talk about sex. Not the birds and the bees talk your parents should have with you and don’t (PS Dad if you are reading, close the browser!) and not the graphic details, but the recent boom of book clubs reading/discussing the new Danielle Steele books of our time.

When Danielle Steele first came out it was scandalous and now 50 Shades of Grey is the newest erotica book getting media attention and making women everywhere suddenly feel comfortable talking about sex in ways they wouldn’t have previously. Even if they bought the book on a Kindle so no one could see them reading it, they invariably asked friends at some point “have you read that book?”

Great so now we’re all talking about it and husbands are out buying the book for their wives, what’s next when you’ve finished 50 Shades?? Check out a new trilogy called Crossfire by Sylvia Day. The first of which Bared to You was a New York Times best seller…and the second one Reflected in You is now number one on the New York Times paperback best-sellers.

Much of the book feels the same…a handsome rich powerful man and a girl just out of college, but with more courage and bravery than in 50 Shades…change the city, change the back story and change the love scenes you can call it a new series!

For more of a discussion on Reflected in You check out the BlogHer book club.

Have you read any of these books? Are you embarrassed to admit reading them or have you talked about it with friends?
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Nov 8
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