3 Weeks Between Half Marathons

With only three weeks between 13.1 Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beaches Half Marathon, I spent a lot of time debating the best way to train. In FTL, I really was pushing hard and probably should have taken the following week for recovery, but mentally I was prepared to run a full marathon so no matter how much I pushed it I couldn’t seem to accept that I would need time off from 13.1.

Eventually I just decided to run my ass off and worry about a PR at the ING Miami Half Marathon or Zooma Florida Half marathon in January.  I joined the #RWStreak and I am going to make Palm Beach another great speed workout. Instead of running it all out though, my plan is to hold back for the first 6 miles, then transition to my new goal HMP and work down to 10K pace in the final mile if I can.

Have you ever done races so close together? Do you try to race both?

Can you tell I love my walks to the water?? I think I did it every day this week!

Nov 19
AM: 30 min walk, 20 min weights, 45 min bike trainer
PM: 20 min walk, 20 min stretch

Nov 20
AM: 7.15 mile run with hills and HMP miles, 20 min walk, 40 min bike trainer
PM: 20 min stretch
IMG_1910Nov 21
AM: Jillian Michaels Ripped in 30 – too easy, going to try Extreme Shred next, 1 mile easy run, 30 min walk, 20 min stretch
PM: 35 min walk
JillianNov 22
AM: 9.3 mile run, 40 min bike trainer, 15 min walk, 20 min stretch
PM: 35 min walk with David

Nov 23
AM: Jillian Michaels Killer Abs + weights between each circuit, 1.6 mile run, 20 min walk
— It’s a good workout, but I have a hard time mentally spending 30 minutes on just abs
PM: 35 min walk, 20 min stretch
IMG_1901Nov 24
AM: 5 miles – 4X400 at less thank 5K pace, 4 x400 at HMP, 15 min walk
PM: 90 min bike ride through Everglades
IMG_1946Nov 25
AM: 10 mile run, 15 min walk, 40 min yoga
PM: 35 min walk with David
IMG_1974Run Total: 34.05 miles
Overall: Great week of workouts. I had fun with them, pushed myself to try new things and hope I’ll start to see the rewards!
Best Workout
: Biking with the gators was really awesome, but I think running with Deanna on Turkey day was the best!
Favorite Gear: My Garmin 910XT has become permanently attached to me
Favorite Pinterest Quote: “You do the crime you do the time”
Goal Next Week: Continue with RWStreak, enjoy the Palm Beaches race
Gratitude Journal
Nov 25
I am grateful for time to be outdoors daily. It gives me a sense of calm even in the busy city.

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