Pile On The Miles and NYC Taper

For the last few years I have excitedly participated in the November challenge hosted by Monica at RunEatRepeatPOTMwhich started from one of my favorite people Bobbi at NHerShoesPile On The Miles!!! It’s such a fun way to encourage you to get moving even as the weather might be getting colder. 

This year I’m going to run NYC and then step back to evaluate training and health so I won’t be pushing my limits like I have in the past.  BUT I love this challenge and you should check it out.

Challenge runs Nov 1- Dec 1 and you can sign up here>>

Did I mention that oh I’m running a tiny little marathon called the New York City Marathon this weekend? Ok, I probably have mentioned it a few times, but I’ll be honest I have been doing my darnedest not to count down the days because I am a little freaked out! 

This week initially felt SO BORING after last weekend. People seem to think I’m kidding when I say my face hurt from smiling for four days at Runner’s World, but I am 100% serious. Then I started to realize it was time to be excited for all of the amazing things that are on the horizon, which was punctuated by receiving an AWESOME PACKAGE from my friends at Asics. They are the major sponsor of the NYC Marathon and sent me a great assortment of goodies to get me prepped and excited!
Yup it’s about to get very real here this week!

Oct 22

AM: Nadddaaa
PM: 30 min strength, 40 min walk — I think this will be my last official strength training day until the marathon.

Oct 23
AM: 6 reps of Yasso test! 7.5 miles total, 15 min walk
– based on feedback from my Yasso test post, I chose not to take the full 4 min recovery, but to simply run easy for 400 before starting the next repeat
PM: 30 min walk, 15 min stretch

Oct 24
AM: 35 min walk, 45 min bike trainer
PM: 20 min walk, 15 min stretch

Oct 25
AM: 8.2 miles with 5.7 at marathon pace, 20 min walk
PM: 20 min walk, stretch, core work

Oct 26
AM: 1 mile easy run, 30 min walk, 15 min stretch — really trying to make myself taper!!
PM:  20 min walk

Oct 27
AM: 13 miles – 6 with friends as part of Zooma Kick Off Run! 20 min walk, 20 min stretchIMG_1500
Hoping to do a few more of these in the coming months so I can keep talking ladies in to joining me to run the Zooma Florida Half Marathon on Jan 19. Don’t forget Zooma Discount Code: FLAMB3 gets you 10% off registration.  I know a few lovely ladies have already agreed and it’s going to be super fun!

Oct 28
AM: Cheering on friend at 70.3 Miami – walking, 50 yoga, 30 min bike trainer

Gratitude Journal
Oct 28
I am grateful for a weekend with friends that provides laughter and motivation.

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