Lace Em Up Challenge

This weekend I got to spend a lot of time talking with Sara of Endorphin Mom, then I bumped in to Dean Karnazes, then Katie started talking about Kona…and I have to admit my brain got really excited about the idea of running an Ultramarathon.
My buddy Dean and Sara’s back as she pulled away from me in the 10K.roadid-lace-em-up-v1

BUT I have to get through NYC and I have to get healthy so it may not be at the top of my training list right away. Which is why I was excited to get an email today about the RoadID Lace ‘em Up Challenge! Starting on Oct 29th you have 7 days to run 50 miles…this is totally doable since I’ve got a little 26.2 sandwiched in that time frame.

If you join today, they’ll give you a $10 discount for a RoadID and I won’t lie I think this is the perfect Christmas gift for pretty much everyone! I am going to get another one for my shoe so I don’t have to keep switching it as I rotate shoes.

Have you done an ultra? Do you want to do one???

Gratitude Journal
Oct 23
I am grateful for the constantly creative new ways in which people and companies get us all inspired to move more.

12 year old runs a 2:45 marathon
One Weekend…Three Races; Runner’s World Hat Trick

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