Hidden Food Allergies: Eggs and Milk

I discovered my favorite food on Earth during our honeymoon time in Switzerland…quiche (only second of course to my all time love affair with ice cream). This little gem is something I treat myself to when I travel and also what kick started my daily love affair with making a veggie omelet at home.
This was before I blogged and it never dawned on me to photograph all the quiche I ate…but yes a picture with a life size ice cream cone was still a requirement.

In an amusing twist of fate my recent food sensitivity test revealed I am allergic to basically all the components required for my favorite food. I suppose it could be worse, had the test included nuts in the foods to avoid I’d need to be committed to a psych ward.
In case there was any confusion, I wanted to provide documented evidence of how I feel about this.

Food allergy:
Instant reaction such as hives, swelling of the throat, etc and can be life threatening.
Food sensitivity: An immune system response which can take from 24 hours to 7 days to manifest after eating the foods. The body is trying to protect itself from inflammation, but since we have no signal that a food is a problem for our body we continue to eat it, creating long term inflammation.
Food intolerance: Ever have a friend exclaim that every time she eats Chinese she is bloated the next day? That’s an intolerance to MSG.

Symptoms are often low grade and last for days after eating a food, rather than showing up immediately which is why we often mistake it for food poisoning or simply not feeling well. The response can also changed based upon the amount eaten and the frequency, but here are a few symptoms:
– Hives
– Diarrhea, constipation
– Joint pain, muscle spasms
– Trouble concentrating
– Cough, itchy eyes, running nose
– Chronic fatigue, acne

A compromised digestive tract can impact your overall health. In my case it is the reason why I am not absorbing protein and therefore have brittle hair and slow workout recovery.

When I first told David I could no longer have milk, he seemed very nonplussed about it. Which I now realize is because he thought that simply meant no milk from the carton which I don’t drink anyways. I wish I could live in his world, things are so straight forward.

Dairy may be listed on labels as…
• Milk, milk solids, non-fat milk solids
• Yogurt, kefir
• Whey
• Cream, sour cream, half & half, whipped cream
• Lactose, lactalbumin
• Cheese, cream cheese, cottage cheese
• Butter or artificial butter flavor
• Buttermilk or buttermilk solids
• Casein, caseinate, sodium caseinate (check lab results for +casein)

Helping me wrap my brain around this is GoDairyFree.org. I’ve been reading Alyssa for a long time, but in truth didn’t pay strict attention to the dairy free components, just the yummy recipes because I didn’t really need to…now thank goodness for her site and the grocery aisle tips.  I am also going to be blogstalking CotterCrunch since she too is dairy free!

First on my list to tackle…pizza. It’s a weekly staple and one of my favorite pre-long run foods. I’m trying not to even think about ice cream right now, though I know there are a lot of options on the market I really want to stick to whole unprocessed foods as much as possible.

Sigh..seriously…this was one of my easiest go to protein sources and it’s in like everything. But again I know I can have it again once we get everything under control!

Eggs may be listed on food labels as…
• Egg protein  • Ovalbumin
• Egg white    • Ovomucoid
• Egg yolk      • Ovomucin
• Albumin       • Vitellin
• Globulin       • Ovovitellin
• Livetin          • Powdered egg

A few foods that may contain egg:
• Baked goods • Mayonnaise • Breads • Noodles • Pancakes
• Puddings • Quiche  • Salad dressings • Sauces • Ice cream

Makes me glad I am already in love with Vega Sport Performance Protein for all my post run smoothies or protein oats! At least I’ve got that going for me right off the bat!

Anyone in your family have food sensitivities? Have you ever considered getting tested?Running_motivation
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