Announcing HBBC 2012

The time has officially come for the 5th Annual Holiday Bootie Buster Challenge to kick in to high gear! I can’t believe we are officially beginning the holiday season, but it’s true!  The goal of this challenge has been and remains to allow us all to enter the new year feeling our best.
If you haven’t participated in a previous HBBC, here is a quick run down:

2012 – Over 1,000 registrations. Over $3,000 in prizes.

   – Earn points for being active
   – Earn points for eating your fruits and veggies
   – Compete against others to push yourself.
   – Weekly reminder email to update your points, provide motivation, etc
   – List of all participants so you can read each others blogs or follow on twitter

This year there are some fun new twists:
   – Private Facebook group
   – Tweet chat parties for support and prizes
   – Instagram photo sharing #bestfoot
   – A chance to ask experts like Deena Kastor (yes the Olympian!) to answer your questions

As you can imagine all of this is a lot of work and so for the first time ever there is a fee to join the Challenge. This is to help offset the hours spent working on it, the shipping costs, finding all of those great sponsors and experts. I understand that not everyone will agree with this decision, but I thought through it and discussed it with a lot of people before deciding that it was indeed fair.
Who: Everyone! You’ll compete against people at your same level.
How: Register by clicking the button above
Cost: $25 – goes towards management and mailing of all the prizes
Referrals: If just5 friends sign up and put in your name/blog you will get a pair of compressions shorts or Vega Sport!

Challenge details>>
Challenge prizes>>
Challenge events>>

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Oct 29
I am grateful for all of the amazing companies who are participating again this year and for all the people who have already joined…I really love this Challenge and I’m lucky to be able to do it again this year.

Motivation is overrated
Pile On The Miles and NYC Taper

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