Daring Greatly…a Great Let Down

When I heard the title of this book, I was really excited…I mean doesn’t it just scream “FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS!”

Turns out the title might be overstepping it’s bounds. The book is in many ways about being brave enough to live authentically, but it’s a very therapy heavy kind of read. It goes through why being vulnerable is so hard for us, but first let’s talk about what the heck that means.

Vulnerability: “…we must dare to show up and let ourselves be seen….Vulnerability is not knowing victory or defeat, it’s understanding the necessity of both…we spend our lives waiting until we’re perfect or bullet proof” before engaging and therefore we miss out on great opportunities.

In Women: Many of us believe this is inherently a problem that women have. We’re concerned about our hair, our body, our parenting skills; all because we don’t want to be criticized or appear “less than”.  These are examples of guarding our vulnerability and by giving in to our fears we pay a price by disengaging or never trying.  I definitely see this happening around me and within me, though much less as I get older. Maybe because it’s so much easier to just be me than try and fit others expectations!

In Men: The truth is men are just as tied down by this as women. According to Brown, “We ask them to be vulnerable, we beg them to let us in, and we plead with them to tells us when they’re afraid, but the truth is that most women can’t stomach it.” Again I understand her point and yet I whole heartedly disagree.

I think in those moments where we are the most real with each other we deepen our bonds. Do I want my husband to cry on a daily basis? Well no, but then he wouldn’t want me to do that either! Did it hurt in a painstaking way to see my father cry over the loss of his own dad? Of course, but I would have been far more concerned to see a man that shut the world out.

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What would you expect from this book title?
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