Critical Mass Miami

Shortly after we moved to Miami a throng of bikers went by our condo one Friday night. It was an amazing site to see, but we had no idea was this crazy event was…until finally we started hearing rumblings of something called “Critical Mass”.

“Critical Mass is a cycling event typically held on the last Friday of every month in over 300 cities around the world. The disorganized nature of the event allows it to largely escape clampdown by authorities who may view the rides as forms of parades or organized protest…Because Critical Mass takes place without an official route or sanction, participants in some cities have sometimes practiced a tactic known as “corking” in order to maintain the cohesion of the group. This tactic consists of a few riders blocking traffic from side roads so that the mass can freely proceed through red lights without interruption.”

But I wasn’t a biker and Friday nights were my chill time before a Saturday long run. Luckily things have changed! Now I bike at least a few days a week and my long run in Sunday, which meant this week there was no excuse not to check out this interesting event.

It’s a little hard to describe what it’s like to head out on the roads with 2,000 other bikers for a “community ride” so I’ve tried to put together a short video to explain it. The ride averages 12mph for 15-18 miles depending on the route and includes everything from the Ferrari of road bikes to garage sale banana seat bikes pulling speakers! INTERESTING is the best word I can find for the entire night!

This to me is just another way of showing being active doesn’t have to mean the gym! If you don’t want to spend hours training for a marathon because that bores you out of your mind, then start investigating what your city has to offer! Nothing like this near you…maybe it’s time you took charge!

Tanks to Incompetch for the music and BeachMiami for a few of the photos.
Gratitude Journal
Sept 2
I am grateful for the variety of people that can come together for an fun, free, family event in Miami.

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