Workouts and Gear: Asics Gel 33

This weekend I was introduced to a new shoe by none other than my favorite coach Andrew Kastor and his semi-famous running wife…Deena Kastor. Lucky for me Deena had made enough recovery on her back injury that she was able to run the Oakley Asics Trefethen 5K with us…we actually ran together for the first half of the race and I’m going to stick to my story that I was keeping up with her and not that she was you know…jogging.OAT5k1Asics has a whole line called the 33 – named for the 33 bones in your foot! – and we got to try out their most light weight, neutral running shoe (my favorite kind of low profile shoe!) the GEL-Lyte33 for the weekend. 

6.4 oz – super light
Bright – don’t hit me colors
Seamless forefoot
Guidance Line technology to help with gait efficiency
Featherweight ASICS Speed Technology(F.A.S.T.) — seriously who doesn’t love that acronym
AsicsGel33At the end of the day the real test for me is how do my legs, particularly my IT Band feel, after running in a shoe. In this case not only could I feel how light and flexible the shoe was, but I easily maneuvered the rough terrain of running through the vineyard and finished with my legs feeling good. Not a single ITB issue the following day which often happens when I do speed work.

It doesn’t hurt that they look so friggin cute either!! Just because we’re athletes doesn’t mean we want to wear men’s shoes!

June 25
AM: Jackie Warner back and triceps, Strong like Susan Abs (don’t forget to join the July Challenge!!), 30 min walk
— read my first review of 10 Pounds in 10 Days by Jackie

June 26
AM: HIIT – 3 min easy run (9:20 pace), 1 min sprint (6:10 pace), 1 min walk X 6, Strong Like Susan Abs
— Holy cow look at my pace…I’m getting faster!
PM: Flight to KC

June 28
AM: 50 min walk, 30 min yoga

June 28
AM: Jackie Warner full body circuit + cardio acceleration (200 jump ropes after every 2 exercises), Strong Like Susan Abs

June 29
AM: Flight to Napa
PM: Jackie Warner bicep and chest + cardio acceleration, Strong like Susan Abs

June 30
AM: Jackie Warner back and triceps, Oakley 5K at Trefethen Vineyard
PM: Winery bike tour

July 1
AM: Day 1 of Ab Challenge!! Workout lead by ToneItUp girls
PM: Hike and then dance party that night!!

July 2
AM: All day travel from Napa back to Miami, decided it was time for a rest day

Gratitude Journal
July 2
I am grateful for meeting amazing women who choose to support each other rather than compete…except on the playing field whether it’s a race course or open water.

Sugar is my security blanket
Ab Challenge Kick Off!

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