Sugar is my security blanket

During the Vegan Challenge, my energy levels were so low that I started to reach for sugary things like chocolate muffins without really thinking about it. This is an interesting note because I have not “allowed” myself to buy a large muffin since I started my weight loss journey in 2000…that’s right over 12 years since I’ve really eaten one of these bad boys.

Mind you it was a Whole Foods Vegan Chocolate Muffin so I felt totally justified and within the bounds of the challenge to eat it! But that moment opened the door to my love of baked goods and that was followed by a trip to Kansas City which meant that I was surrounded by cookies, cupcakes and chocolate at work events.  The result…I ate them…a lot…more than I had since the year I started truly losing weight. It took me months literally to get back to a normal relationship with sugar after that large ooey gooey muffin.

I recently started reading Sugar Shock! and will have a more detailed review of Connie’s newest book Beyond Sugar Shock: The 6-Week Plan to Break Free of Your Sugar Addiction & Get Slimmer, Sexier & Sweeter in a few weeks, as I know many of you are in the same boat.

I know that sugar can be a feeder for cancer cells.
I know that excess sugar can make you fat…my abs are under there somewhere
I know that sugar causes mood swings…seriously I’ve felt it.
I know that it can make me feel foggy.
I know, I know, I know…I’ve written all about the effects of sugar on the body

Obviously my block is not mental, I’m fully aware of why I need to stop eating sugar…but have you ever noticed that your brain isn’t always the winner in decision making processes? Sometimes your emotions run right on over those logical thoughts.

Repeated studies have shown that processed sugar can be as addictive as drugs like heroin…this makes sense to me as well as it is my way of numbing out I supposed. I certainly don’t think about that when I am reaching for a cookie, I’m just thinking mmm tastes good. But only moments later I’m thinking, man I really didn’t need that and wish I hadn’t eaten it. 

I don’t find the random cookie or a piece of dark chocolate to be a problem, so what finally dawned on me is that when I have CANDY everything spirals out of control. A handful of nibs is never enough, I am quickly back for more and the next day finding myself actually buying candy and then motoring through it!

I know that for me personally when I reverently declare “NO SUGAR” it is just like starting a diet and my brain thinks “ok I’ll do that tomorrow” or “OMG I need sugar I may never get it again”. For some people cold turkey is the way to go, but through the Sugar Free Challenge I have found that it just causes a big swing the opposite direction later for me.

Instead, I simply want a healthy relationship with food in general. Nothing is purely good or bad, it is just food and how I choose to emotionally relate to is what must change to prevent overeating or negative emotions.DSCN3614Here are a few tips that will resonate with athletes from Sugar Shock!: How Sweets and Simple Carbs Can Derail Your Life– and How YouCan Get Back on Track by Connie Bennett:

Visualization: You use it for races, use it for kicking your habit!
Mantra: Get yourself a healthy mantra!! You push through sprints with words like “I am powerful”. Overcoming temptations in the kitchen with “I only feed my body wholesome foods.”
Exercise: Get your natural high in the ways that you already are…but take a second to relish how good it makes you feel instead of just checking another item off your to do list.

She has many more tips and I’m excited to see what is in her 6-week plan as well. If you have recognized your own sugar habit is causing you issues then definitely check these out and her site which has a support group

Well there is nothing like admitting your personal failures to the world to know you have a blog. I will say that with running less my cravings have been better and many of her tips are helping too.
Gratitude Journal
July 3
I am grateful for a mind that is always hungry to learn new things.

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