Jackie Warner: The Intense Interview

If you haven’t read my recap of the full Evian Live Young Event, check that out to get an initial idea of what this was all about and how I got the chance to sit down with Jackie Warner. For those who don’t know Jackie she has written two weight loss books, 4 workout dvd’sand starred on two Bravo TV shows (Thintervention and Work Out based on her gym in LA).

During a brief rain shower before the event, I headed back to one of the cabana’s to meet with Jackie. I’d like to say the gentle drum of rain on canvas made for a cozy atmosphere, but that’s not exactly the word I would choose. She was up and down throughout our interview and while I wasn’t particularly nervous to talk with her…everything felt very INTENSE.  

in·tense/inˈtens/(of an action) Highly concentrated: “intense competition”.Synonyms: strong – violent – keen – intensive – powerful – vehement

Jackie was absolutely friendly and detailed in her responses, but the energy that you see in her workouts surrounds her even in conversation. Considering the photos of her chiseled muscles and shows of her big personality, I have to admit she was down right tiny in my opinion…I think that causes the intensity, so much energy in a small package.MOTIVATION
One of the main questions I received to ask Jackie was about motivation…however, I know from reading her books that she doesn’t have trouble getting started so I rephrased the question to be more how do you get motivated to push the intensity and maintain it?

This is when she pulled out the golden nugget about chasing the burn! If you run from the burn then you are cheating yourself out of results. Instead you have to cultivate a mindset that helps you to push through those extremely intense moments because you want the results on the other side. If you don’t push hard enough whether that means lifting more weight or doing the “cardio accelerations” you are simply making the process take longer.

Jackie noted that a Harvard study proves if you want to make changes in your body you need to workout at least 5 days a week and be focused on: “It’s not how long; it’s how strong”
Jackie is all about keeping it simple. Short intense workouts, period. She doesn’t like yoga because it “takes too long to see results”. She also saw many injuries during her time owning a physical therapy practice.

Many of you like me have begun to hear trainers talk about distance running being a problem for those looking to build muscle…Jackie could have jumped out of her seat when I asked about it because she very clearly is NOT a fan.  As she explained in the first 20 minutes of a workout your body burns through sugar, in the next 20 minutes fat…after that it’s looking to your muscles for fuel.  That’s why many women who are very active still have a slightly “soft” or “doughy appearance; their muscles are consistently being eaten away from excessive cardio.  She may also have made some comments about lots of runners looking like bobble heads.

In other words, she just thinks it doesn’t do anything for us to spend hours running. Stick to HIIT workouts or intervals to really make running pay off.

I reviewed Jackie’s first book This Is Why You’re Fat (And How to Get Thin Forever): Eat More, Cheat More, Lose More–and Keep the Weight Offback in 2010 and didn’t pay that much attention to the section about hormone balance at the time because I didn’t realize I was all out of whack.

I focused on her discussion of how sugar kills. HormoneTriangle

Thus she gave me a quick run down on her thoughts about hormones being like a triangle (after telling me I better re-read her book). If any one is out of whack then like a stool missing a leg balance is missing and things will break down. For women in menopause she says some of the most important things to include in the diet are:

– Free range meats
– Vitamin B rich foods
– Cruciferous veggies
– Whey isolate

After her mention of whey isolate, I asked about vegan protein powders and let’s just say she definitely has a conviction about the benefits of whey.

The main question you guys sent in centered around how she manages healthy choices on the road.
– Pack organic food whenever possible to avoid airport and airplane food (kudos to all you healthy ladies already doing this!)

– Ensures the hotel has a gym. As proven by our Evian Workout, you don’t need much to get an intense burn, but she definitely likes to lift when it’s available. Jackie has also ensured that whoever she is working with understands her workouts are priority to keeping her happy and healthy. (Wish everyone could do that with their job!)

Eat as many veggies as possible when traveling. You know there will be more food and possibly less healthy food than you would eat at home so try to get in as many veggies at every meal to combat that.
I am thrilled and honored to have had the chance to pick the brain of someone I admire for her business savy, healthy choices and honest personality. I am also very intrigued to see what she will have to say in 3rd book and new TV series.

She clearly believes in the value of health and has honed her message to keep things SIMPLE for people to follow…not easy mind you, just simple. The only thing I wish I’d had time to ask about…what about fun? What if I like to run or do yoga? I think her message is often targeted to those who don’t enjoy working out or throw the “too busy card”.

Thanks again to Evian for this amazing opportunity! I see more interviews coming in the future, so keep your questions rolling as I hope to make them as valuable as possible!

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June 19
I am grateful for continued opportunities to put this Journalism degree to work!

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