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When I started working with Diana, my health coach, last year she mentioned a book called The Artist’s Way. Due to my love of writing, she fully believed that if I allowed myself more time to sink in to my passion I would be surprised at just how much farther I could go and enjoy it.

But you know how life is…busy. I just didn’t really follow through, but it was always sitting there on my shelf just staring in me in the face. Then BlogHer offered a chance test out the new online Artists Way Toolkit which is both online and an app. This takes away all the excuses about traveling and ensures it’s available anywhere, it also provides you with an online scrapbook; your notes to the questions, photos, links, etc.snapshot

artistswayThe first step in this program is to spend some time free writing every morning. It’s a process that allows you to just get all the junk in your head out and you know what that does…it opens you up to creative ideas. This has actually be beneficial in a lot more areas than just my writing.

If you are looking to break out of your rut or to dig in to your inner writer, this might just be something to check out since you can do it anywhere. I did find that while I liked the prompts, I preferred to do my actual writing on paper…which is completely bizarre since I spend most of my day on a computer, have horrible hand writing and obviously have to type it later if I want to use it…what can I say the medium chooses the artist.

Checkout more about the Artists Way Toolkit and get your creative juices flowing on the BlogHer discussions. What do you do when you need a writing motivation boost?

I was compensated for this BlogHer Book Club review but all opinions expressed are my own.
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