30 Life Lessons from 30 days of yoga

During the 30 days of yoga challenge, I kept waiting for some profound since of peace, love and light to overtake me and resolve all my issues. Turns out yoga doesn’t do that exactly, but it certainly provides many tools for handling all areas of life from work, to family, to PR attempts with more grace and less injury. 

yogiI was surprised to find myself craving that time on the mat after just the first week and I look forward to continuing my practice as I realize it’s about more than the physical strength I gained. Here are 30 Life Lessons from the Mat

1. Breathe…when it’s tough just breathe
2. Alternate from high intensity to low intensity
3. Standing still is not easy
4. Pull your shoulders back to stand proud
5. Tighten that stomach
6. Quality matters
7. Every teacher is not the perfect teacher, but there is something to be learned
8. Sometimes you need to do your own practice
9. It’s called practice, not perfection for a reason
10. You’re never too old
11. There is always time for things you want to do
12. Any space is big enough to connect with your inner self
13. Let your heart shine
14. Don’t compare yourself
15. Flexibility is about more than your physical muscles
16. Sometimes being still is the hardest workout
17. Smile it makes the difficult seem more fun
18. Appreciate your body for what it can do
19. Gratitude…have it for everything
20. You can get injured doing anything if you refuse to focus on the details
21. Be present
22. Focus on one thing at a time
23. We are all connected
24. It’s not all or nothing, it’s a little bit every day
25. Be willing to change to see change
26. Even lift shifts can have a major impact
27. You will fall because you try and because you try you will succeed
28. Don’t push or strain, instead just keep leaning
29. The goal is ever changing as you are ever progressing
30. Your body can guide you, if you are quiet long enough to listen

and for good measure “One week without yoga makes one WEAK”.

30 life lessons from yoga

What else would you like to know about yoga? How to include it in your workout? Explanation of the types of yoga? Love to hear from those of you in the challenge if you have continued with your yoga?
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