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The yoga challenge is off to a fantastic start!! I am really excited about using MyYogaOnline because it means that even though I am now traveling for work for 6 days I can still get in 30 minutes of yoga easily. I’ve linked up the different yoga practices that I tried this week below with some descriptions.
One thing I have to remember is that stretching is not yoga. SmileYoga forces you to slow down, to breathe and to focus in the moment, which is exactly why I need it. The strength and physical benefits for running are also huge, but I think the mental gains that we can get from “breathing through” uncomfortable positions are huge.thomas
This is how far my friend Thomas progressed in less than a year of consistent practice! Yoga may not be a sport, but it takes an athlete to do a lot of the poses!

How is the challenge going for you?

Apr 30
AM: 30 walk, 30 min circuit training
PM: 30 min walk 

May 1
AM: 15 min walk, 2 mile easy run, 21 min Runners Yoga + 9 min on my own
– This yoga was great for slowing me down and giving me a great mental uplift, but it left out a lot of my favorite poses to work the hips so I added those in after it finished.
PM: 1.5 mile warm up at 10min pace, 3.3 miles @8:34 min pace, 15 min walk, 5 min stretch

May 2
AM: 35 min walk, 30 min self practice yoga
PM: 2 mile easy run, 30 min walk, 5 min stretch

May 3
AM: 4 mile Fartlek run in 37:15, 20 min walk,
PM: 2 mile easy run, 30 min Anusara Head, Neck and Shoulders — This was all about how your body can heal and was probably not what I had in mind for yoga, but it did totally help me release tension in my shoulders

Post workout from the What’s Beautiful double day challenge…yes I am always a sweaty mess in Miami!

May 4
AM: Needed a quickie before heading to the airport… 15 min ZWOW, 35 min Unifying Yoga Flow
I was looking for something that would move and this was good. I forget that in a true practice (i.e. not me practicing alone) there is a lot of time at the beginning to just breathe and get focused…yup that’s why I need these classes! 

May 5
AM: 20 min walk, 35 min yoga, 15 min ZWOW
PM: 30 min walk before having lots of great friends over!

May 6
AM: 11 mile long slow easy run, 20 min walk, 30 min yoga
Yoga pilates fusion- this one was really interesting for me as it really was a lot of movement and I could actually just feel my hip joint opening up.

Overall: I am excited with how my running is progressing, but um you might notice the drop off in other workouts. I am really excited about focusing on 13.1 Chicago though and need to dial back in.
Best Workout: I actually really loved the yoga pilates fusion workout!
Nutrition: Have also gotten refocused on clean eating as I know how much better it makes me feel. Remembering to plan and pack ahead for traveling makes this a lot easier.
iPod: Really didn’t get past just plain old radio this week.
Gratitude JournalRunning_motivation
May 7
I am grateful for the amazing lunch we had with friends yesterday…definitely missing being able to see these KC friends more often.

I might be a Hoarder
If you had an Olympic medal…

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