Long Run Sundays: Recovery Plan

Some people go to church every Sunday to find their center; I go for a run. Long runs are my time to really think and make decisions about life…I get so excited about them that I actually did this weekends long run on Saturday!

After a long tempo Thursday, easy run Friday and…A SPORTS MASSAGE this was really not one of my finer ideas. While the massage felt great, it was horribly painful when she dug in to my shins, my hip and my calves. I have the bruises to prove she wasn’t messing around.

Anyhow I got up Saturday morning and just wanted to go! I set out thinking I would just see what happened…because well the weather looked just this awesome.

I have been wearing Under Armour heat gear shirts for years because I like how they fit, but let’s be honest a few miles in this humidity and well you are already wringing your shirt out. 

I averaged just under a 10 minute mile for 13.1 this morning and was exhilarated at the miles on tired legs and surprised to see my pace is improving even on easy runs. Unfortunately since I wasn’t entirely sure if I would do the full long run, I didn’t carry any water and in that humidity it really meant by mile 6 I was dreaming longingly of my Vega Sport Recovery drink.
postrunOnce I got home it was time to take good care of these legs and repay them for letting me do what I love!! While I may not be great at rest days, I am great at recovery!

  • Epsom salt bath – I like to use it as time to read Runner’s World and put in a deep hair conditioner!
  • Foam rolling – watch how to foam roll if you wonder what this contraption is
  • Stretching
  • Vega Sport recovery drink
  • Green Smoothie
  • Compression!!! 2XU Compression socks and 110% Play Harder shorts, it’s pretty sexy.

I kind of love that I’m so dialed in on this half marathon and not even thinking about a full. It really makes a difference in the training to know I don’t have to run any farther!

What’s your recovery plan after a long run?
May 20
I am grateful for finding a massage therapist that knew exactly how to work on a runner.

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