If you had an Olympic medal…

would you let people touch it?

I was reading Healthy Diva’s post about her husband touching Meb’s Silver Olympic medal and my head almost exploded…what? He has it out for the whole world to touch? My first thought is if I ever got myself a medal I would probably have stolen it from just such an occasion, but on a less realistic note if I had earned it

Having met Meb in Houston, I am not surprised that he would be so open. He truly has a very generous spirit about him and you can see this is the people who he chooses to be around as well.  I suppose that over time you learn that the accomplishment is what matters and a medal is simply a thing.mebsmedalSecondly if you could earn an Olympic medal what would it be in?? I have to admit as much as I adore running, I would actually be completely psyched to be a pro beach volleyball player

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May 6
I am grateful for long time friends who make it seem like not time at all has passed when we get together.

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