Diet Tricks, do they work?

I just read the most intriguing thing and can’t wait to hear your opinions…

My favorite trick is to eat 2-4 stalks of celery before lunch and dinner. The strings can’t be digested, so they interfere with the amount of calories that actually enter your system. Based on some studies, a 2,100 calorie diet with celery might act more like a 1,500 calorie diet.

I have trouble with any “trick” like this being a long term solution, but I do understand the idea of filling up with greens. I’m not linking to the person that said this directly because I don’t really want to cause them grief…but well seriously…isn’t this a bit like eating a grapefruit before every meal? or an apple?  All lovely ideas but how are these truly sustainable ways to go about living your life.

celeryThoughts? What is the weirdest diet you ever tried? I have to say I really haven’t ever been able to stick to any kind of strict diet, which is why I think learning balance has been the biggest key for me!

I hope I get approval soon to share my latest challenge with you…I’m uber motivated and really excited about it. In the mean time are you following my journey on What’s Beautiful?? Are you on it?
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