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What amazes me is that I can run for hours on end, but a 20 min ZWOW set kills me! Seriously I always think I am pretty fit person until I am asked to do something that does not involve putting on foot in front of the other. Then suddenly I find I’m winded and after just a few short minutes thinking when will this be over?!

I love my long slow runs for the mental release they provide. Therefore I have resisted intense cross training for years, but the truth is I know that it makes me stronger, makes those runs feel easier and burns fat! I am working on this mind set and have been trying consistently to do more speed work and to start working in some ZWOW or Zuzana Light.
I love that ZWOW is totally free on YouTube and requires no equipment for the most part, It is proof positive that there really are no excuses because using only your body weight can provide and amazing workout! This week I did not do as many because I was a little more run down, but that’s ok I think rotating will be good for me mentally and physically.

How many of you are doing BodyRock or ZWOW?? Are you doing it daily? How are you not dead? I can’t do BodyRock yet it’s way harder than ZWOW.

Mar 26
AM: 60 min bike, 30 min walk
PM: 30 min walk, 50 min P90X yoga

Mar 27
AM: 4 mile tempo workout, 1 mile w/u, T 2 miles (@8:17), 30 min walk — horrible run. Had to walk after each half mile.GAH!, pretended to bike mute 20 minute ride
Lunch: 15 min weights
PM: Tempo take 2 was a success!! .5 mile warm up, T 2 miles (@8:33, 8:11), 1.5 mile c/d, 5 min walk

Mar 28
AM: 30 min walk
Lunch: Oxygen ab workout, 30 min walk
PM: 50 min bike,15 min stretch

Mar 29
AM: 6 mile easy pace after a long night of being sick
PM: 30 min yoga

Mar 30
AM: 1 mile warm up run, 25 min TRX, 20 min walk, 30 min Zumba
PM: 35 min walk

Mar 31
AM: Easy hour bike with David at Oleta Park
PM: 2 mile intervals (30 second sprint, 30 recover, 30 second hill, 30 recover, repeat), 30 min walk, 20 min stretch

Apr 1
AM: 10.75 mile easy run!!!, 30 min walk, 30 min yoga on balcony
PM: Marlins game

Overall: This has been a great week of workouts…not because the workouts were spectacular in any way, but because I was able to enjoy each one simply for what it was. Whether I had energy for an hour or was able to push myself through a short set, each had it’s own great moment.
Best Workout: Hands down being able to run 10 miles, even super easy that is my favorite mental, emotional release. (ditto same as last week! I was grinning from ear to ear when I returned)
Nutrition: I have to admit if it weren’t for my sugar love I am a very clean eater right now. I wish all these shows would stop reminding me how bad sugar is.
iPod: Listened to the top 40 countdown on my long run – Time Is Love inspired my anniversary post cause I’ve always believed it’s true
New Gear: At Home Workouts

If you are looking for more fun workouts to do at home for free from great trainers then I have the perfect post for you! Here is a list compiled by The Lean Green Bean of a TON of great free workouts.workouts
Gratitude Journal
April 2
I am grateful for getting through April Fools Day without any crazy pranks or jokes…though of course I wanted to tell people that the “potential side effect of making my birth control in effective must have been true”. Would have really gotten a few folks!

When that doesn’t work any more..
Fun Challenge: Kick Off

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