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This week didn’t start out at all like I planned in my head, but something clicked for me later in the week and now I know so many things are headed back in the right direction. Look for a post on my new challenging goals Wednesday.

Yesterday I was prepared for my joyful long Sunday run in a new place, Boca Raton…but the endless rain had other plans, so I found myself in the hotel gym. I didn’t want to watch TV, I wanted to fade in to my run listening to the Top 40 like I do every Sunday. 
insanitySo I found the Insanity Commercial and used it as motivation to run a strong 11.25 mile progression run…yes I watched Insanity for over 90 minutes!  Mostly I was thinking, “oh my god I remember how hard that workout is surely I can just run a little faster” or “Abs, abs, abs”. Bet you didn’t know that for free you can still get a great workout thanks to Beachbody. Smile

Apr 23
AM: Easy walk
PM: Fly to Vegas

Apr 24
AM: Unfortunate throwing up overnight meant it was another needed rest day

Apr 25
AM: 2.5 mile easy run with lots of stairs on strip, 20 min walk
PM: More work events

Vegas…what happens in Vegas totally gets posted all over the internet when you go with a blogger.

Apr 26
AM: 6.5 mile run, felt tough, but loved it. 20 min walk, 5 min stretch
PM: Fly back to Miami

Apr 27
AM: HIIT workout on treadmill, 3.5 miles total, 40 min walk

Celebrating the birthdays of two beautiful friends that I met through run club in Miami! I can’t say enough about what a community the running group has built in Miami.

Apr 28
AM: 15 min ToneItUp strength, 35 min incline walk, 35 min Extended Fire Flow (lots of good breathing exercises)
PM: Head to Boca for Oakley event

Apr 29
AM: 11.25 mile progression run, 15 min walk, 20 min stretch
PM: Work Oakley Event

Totals will be coming back as I am now getting focused and aiming for a goal.

Overall: Things started out really rocky, but I’m feeling confident and focused this week.
Best Workout: Running on the strip is always interesting, even if it does include running a million stairs
Nutrition: Totally enjoyed too many sweets at the work conference, but again a shift has been made and I’m on top of things!
iPod: Definitely finished listening to Tony Robbins this week

New Gear: Infomercials
Seriously have you ever tried working out to one..or seen one come upon tv and found yourself doing a few crunches because it reminded you to work your core? Maybe that’s just me, but hey people working out appears to be very motivating to me!
Gratitude JournalRunning_motivation
Apr 30
I am grateful for an amazing weekend of fun with friends new and old.

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