When that doesn’t work any more..

Sometimes my husband is a genius without even knowing it, but let’s keep that our little secret.

On a golf outing with Mr Mountainbike, I was really struggling and then I made some adjustments to my stance, swing, etc. Suddenly everything just clicked. Excitedly I proclaimed “All right well now I know what to do!” He smiled like any good coach and said “Yup, until it doesn’t work any more. Then you just adjust again and keep going.”

I was stunned for a moment at the profound impact of his words. For many years, David has taught me the value of letting things roll off my back, but I can’t say that’s he is really a man who spouts off words of wisdom. Maybe he’s growing wiser with age? I mean I’ve noticed a few gray hairs, is that all it takes to suddenly wrap your arms around handling all the tough stuff?

Isn’t it the truth with running, marriage, work…you think you’ve found the golden ticket as what you are doing is working so well. Then suddenly weeks, months later you have a run where your legs feel like lead or turn in a project that your boss rips to shreds. 

At first it makes no sense, you are doing exactly what was working so well??! Why won’t it just keep on working?  Usually it’s because you have improved and now your body, your mind and those around have started to expect more so it’s time to grow and shift and expand.
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