10 Sneaky Vegetable Ideas

While I fully believe that husbands kids should be involved in selecting and creating meals to help them embrace vegetables, sometimes that just doesn’t work and you need to get sneaky or at the very least creative! Changing taste buds doesn’t happen over night, but little adjustments can help make it easier.
10 Creative Ways to Add Veggies to Meals
1. Shredded carrots blend right in to oatmeal and bulk it up

2. Shredded zucchini works in breads and muffins

3. Cauliflower puree can substitute half (or all) of your mashed potatoes for the same flavor (I’m also using it to bulk up a little Annie’s Mac N Cheese today!)

4. Smoothies make almost any vegetable disappear when blended with fruit and vanilla almond milk

5. Chili need not only contain beans, meat and tomatoes it is the perfect place for a variety of diced peppers, onions ,carrots – all making it more colorful and appetizing

6. Mushrooms are easily hidden in ground turkey for tacos

7. Wilted spinach can hide out under the cheese on your homemade pizzas

8. Opt for homemade salsas to ensure there are whole onions, tomatoes and peppers being piled on to any Mexican feast

9. Spaghetti squash! Add some meatballs and your sauce they might notice the texture but the taste will convince them to keep eating.

10. Sweet potatoes, mushrooms, summer squash, zucchini and almost any other veggie when finely diced are easy to slip in to a morning omelet (or dinner if you like me can eat eggs anytime!)

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