Running Streak is it selfish?

I know a lot of people started doing the Runners World Streak…but I gotta tell you that is nothing compared to one of my favorite ladies. Shelly of It’s Just One Foot In Front of the Other who is now at 688 days with numerous ultra runs in there! She brings up some interesting points about a streak and no doubt reminds me that I can do a little each day.

What made you decided to start the streak?
Mother’s Day 2010 (May 9th) was a mother’s day like many of the 21 Mother’s Days I had. I don’t mean that my family and my children didn’t try to somehow make it a special day for me but I was simply left with the feeling that it really wasn’t a day for me. It was another day of being a mom, doing the chores, taking care of the kids and my husband. It was a typical day with a some kind of really sweet gesture from my kids or my husband. All of which I did/do appreciate but as that particular day ended I felt like I needed to remember I was not only a mother…or a wife…or an employee or any of the other roles that I fill in other people’s lives. I am a person unto myself. I needed to remember that. So the next morning I went for a run. It wasn’t a special run you can read about it here or my pm run here. But I thought to myself that I deserve a bit of each day. I had already realized that I am a far better (fill in the pronoun) for everyone else after I have given a little time to me each day.

Along the way there have been those who view my philosophy as selfish and self serving, to those who feel like way well I am at least happy that I made them think. Even if they only believe more strongly in their own view point at least what I believe to be a healthy way of life was introduced to them. There is room for many different ways. A running streak my not be the way for my life forever but as long as it is I am going to try to share the benefits of a consistent daily exercise habit with everyone I can.

What tips would you have for someone who says they are just so busy they can’t find time to workout? 2010 Fire on the Mountain Trail 50k12
When someone starts to tell me how they don’t have any time for fitness/exercise, I usually ask them if they brush their teeth every day. To which most people will say yes. I remind them that they do that twice a day, every day most likely without fail. It’s a habit. It’s a requirement so they MAKE time to do it even though it probably isn’t one of the highlights of their day.

Tips for getting it done:

– Schedule your workout. Write it down. Let others know you will be doing it and when.
– Use others as motivation. Plan to workout together.
– Do something you enjoy.
– Vary your workout if you lose motivation and to increase overall fitness.
– Set goals. Short and long term. Set Dream it goals and go for them!
– Get your workout done in the morning; no matter what arises in your day you have already “paid” yourself!
– Realize that it is never too late to do your workout. And working out will NOT keep you from sleeping.
– Over eating is NOT a reason to chalk the day up as “lost” and skip the workout. (I would add Overeating is not a reason to do a running streak Smile )
– Remind yourself that you can stop. But always start. Often once you start your workout you are happy you did. Something is always better than nothing. Even if you don’t have time for your whole workout, a quick mile or short lift or yoga session will benefit you more than worry about what you didn’t get done.

Do you have an ultimate goal for your streak?
My ultimate goal for streaking would simply be to keep doing it. Simply keep running every day. I thought when I started this that it was a big deal. It’s really not. Many people have and are running every day. There are streaks that have covered decades of lives. I’ll just keep running and I will be doing it every day because it fills a place inside me the is essential not optional.

What do you think has kept you injury free?
Mostly, I credit years and years of double days for my injury free running. I know that splitting my mileage and staying flexible has kept me from suffering from common runner’s injuries. I have relied heavily on compression, icing and after workout stretching. All my habits aside, genetics and simple luck play a part I am sure. But the biggest reason I have run injury free is my ability to listen and hear my body.

Thanks to Shelly for telling us more about her amazing running streak! What is your longest streak? Do you think it’s selfish to ask your family for that time every day?? I tend to agree with Shelly’s view, but I’m not a parent yet either. Does reading about amazing runners like this inspire you to lace up?

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