The Push Test: Fascinating

Runners might assume I’m talking about Yasso’s, mothers might assume I’m talking about the delivery room…but I’m not talking about either. The push test shows how positive and negative things effect your strength. I am totally fascinated by these kinds of things and when it happened to me I couldn’t believe it!healinghand

Wayne Dyeroften gives the following example:

In on hand he would have his son hold a rap CD
The other arm outstretched
With the lightest touch he’d be able to push his arm down

Next he would replace the CD with a banana
Now he couldn’t push his sons arm down

Now that you know how it works, let me explain what happened last week. Friday I was supposed to have a pelvic ultrasound, but it was cancelled because my insurance now has me on “medical review”. Per my last post I was already feeling nervous so I decided to head to my chiropractor (Dr. Starkman) for acupuncture. I’ve found it to help with headaches, aches pains and mood.

Because I have been seeing him consistently over the last two years, he is very familiar with my crazy workouts that pull rib muscles and tweak IT bands, along with my health ups/downs. I told him about the definitive finding that there was no tumor, but still no estrogen and he wanted to do a quick test.

Pushing on some pressure points in my abdomen he would ask does this hurt and I would say no, until he finally hit a spot that almost had me reaching up to punch him in the face. He then pushed on the spot and my arm at the same time, as you can imagine it fell right away.

Then he handed me a bottle without telling me anything about it and did the push test again: my arm did not fall and the pressure point didn’t hurt half as bad! WHAT?! He had handed me a bottle of herbs formulated for female hormones and as you might have guessed the pressure point that hurt so badly was for female organs.

If I could walk around holding that bottle and feel better, I might be willing to try it.Shoot have you seen the women wearing a feeding tube to lose weight, this would be less weird than that!

I didn’t up and buy any herbs, but instead because he is an amazing doctor he pointed out that we still don’t know enough to know what to treat. However, he is going to run a free test on me in the next couple of weeks that looks at pressure points for various organs along with how the body is using nutrients.

Anything in your life that you have wondered how it is effecting you? Would love to hear if you have heard or are willing to test out this little mind/body connection.
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April 24
I am grateful for the opportunity to continually learn new and interesting things about the mind-body connection.

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