The Power of IX

In honor of Title IX, ESPNW is putting together the largest collection of female athlete photos ever – including YOU!
Upload your photo! HOW? Female athletes can go to and add their Facebook pic to what will be the largest mosaic of female athlete photos in history.
You can also tweet using the hashtag #IXMosaic, filling in the blank: “Title IX is Mine because _____.”
If you decide to do this, your Twitter profile photo will be added to the photo mosaic. From the President of ESPN: “Our commitment to the coverage of women’s sports remains as vibrant as ever,” said John Skipper, President, ESPN. “We’ve analyzed the impact of Title IX in the past, and to emphasize the impact of the law at its 40th milestone, we’re expanding our efforts in a way we have never done before. From specific television programming to an entire issue of ESPN The Magazine devoted to women in sports to a robust microsite on, we intend to shine a spotlight on the evolution of women’s sports.”
Don’t miss supporting this spotlight on women in sports!
The Power of IX

Gratitude Journal
April 5
I am grateful for big hugs and long walks with my mom. It’s always nice to reconnect.

Running Streak is it selfish?
When that doesn’t work any more..

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