It’s ok to FEEL sad

I love Pinterest for the great ideas, motivation and inspiration that it provides…but I have to admit that with the new influx of positivity quotes and “go get em” tigers everywhere, it feels as though we are trying to convince ourselves that Happy or Optimistic is the only right way to feel
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This week I had two very big things that I was extremely excited about fall through for the blog. It was definitely disheartening and while I wanted to just let myself feel upset for a bit, I also felt like that simply wasn’t allowed as I scrolled through a Facebook wall of “pick yourself up” “feel good” “it’s a choice” and so forth.  Last night I woke up multiple times during the night sobbing in a dream. While the dream was not about either particular item, it was most certainly my body’s way of releasing this sadness.

One example which many of you are familiar with is Nuun Hood to Coast team. My original Ragnar team dissolved and I thought ah ha this is perfect, I will get on this amazing team.  The list appeared yesterday and my name wasn’t on it, which made me SAD. However, I instantly felt guilty about this as though I should only be happy for those who made it and thinking of how another opportunity would appear.

It’s ok to feel things other than perfectly happy and optimistic. My feeling sad did not mean I couldn’t also recognize that I’m really excited for many of the bloggers who I know personally to have a great time.

Being sad or angry or whatever it might be is how we as emotional beings process what we feel. It means that you truly loved something or were truly excited and therefore deserve to feel exactly how you feel. If you simply push down feelings or try to pretend they don’t exist they will come out in other ways (hmm hello to the cupcake I ate that I wasn’t hungry for).  To be clear there is a difference in stating that you FEEL sad versus I am sad. One is a state that you are in temporarily and another is a way of defining yourself.

It’s ok to feel sad, knowing that it will pass and then you can return to Pinterest as a tool to get back to being you.
Gratitude Journal
Apr 25
I am grateful for my amazing co-workers who have made this Vegas trip extremely interesting.

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