As part of the May Yoga Challenge, I wanted to help ensure that one lucky reader would be off to a solid start and thus I have a great giveaway for MyYogaOnline!!

Since I also do not have a yoga studio membership, I will be using this throughout the month and you will be seeing a lot of posts about the different types of yoga, as that is part of what I want to discover for myself…what works best for me!
Thank you to TaraBurner for introducing me to this great site!

1 year premium membership to MyYogaOnline
Value $119.95
Unlimited video streaming to computer, iPad, etc
Community access for support

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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April 26
I am grateful for an amazing morning run in Vegas, where I can now actually see the huge difference in running with 0 humidity and 89% humidity…funny how the body notices so much!

Workouts and Gear: Infomercials
It’s ok to FEEL sad

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