I am high on fun filled living (ok and some sugar)!! I know that at least a few of the 100 participants in the Fun Challenge are having a blast because they’ve been sharing photos on RTTF Facebook and Twitter! If you haven’t shared so far please make sure to leave an update in the comments.

Wondering what I’ve been doing that was so fun…and no not planned fun, as noted I want to inject fun in the everyday….let’s do it LMFAO “I’m Sexy and I Know It Style” . I really don’t watch much YouTube, but their video is the epitome of just having fun and you really can’t be down listening to this song!

Exploring gorgeous areas of Miami…walking, yoga, running…yes fun. Then I went to Fresh Market to spread some Love Grown Foods Love with free samples and coupons!

1. I decided to test out an old skirt I had left in KC…oh yeah baby that no longer fits (haha ignore the typo I’m having too much fun to fix it!)! 2. Hence I was happy to start my morning run with a little dance party….3. and of course a little time with Mom to model her new Oakley Sunglasses.

The result of all these little moments is a more upbeat attitude, feeling lighter and knowing that regardless of my health I can make changes that help me feel more up beat. Sometimes life is about the little moments.

UpInTheCosmos has been sharing her stress toys!
Danielle was rocking some time with friends and an amazing Luna Bar retreat
Cortney made time to see the Hunger Games
Jill is surrounded by people who love to share goofy photos and she is sharing them on FB, love it.

Are you inspired to have some fun?? I am!
Gratitude JournalRunning_motivation
April 11
I am grateful for all of the hilarious and fun moments you are sharing with me because it makes me smile all day!

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