30 Day Yoga Challenge

yogachallengeCan 30 minutes a day change your life? Can it help you to slow down? To create muscle? To prevent injury? Yoga was something I practiced once in a blue moon in Kansas City, but since moving to Miami it has become an increasingly important part of my workouts and I’m ready for this challenge to really bring it back full force.

The challenge is 30 minutes a day for the month of May – due to the daily practice you should do a mix of harder styles like vinyasa, ashtanga and more restorative styles as well.

Free yoga, that for me has been the key to my yoga experience in Miami. It’s incredible, but you an find at least 3 free classes weekly, along with a variety of community donation based classes.  What this means for me is that I have been afforded the luxury of doing yoga with a WIDE variety of teachers.

I learn new things from each one. Some teachers are more spiritual, some are more athletic, some are very traditional…but at the end of each practice my body feels great. It could be from sweating buckets or slowly connecting to my body.  If you want to do the challenge, but are concerned because of cost, I’m telling you it’s totally possible. 

There are YouTube videos, there are places like YogaDownload and MyYogaOnline…along with these at home tools, many places now offer the community donation classes. Look at the places near you to find one because I promise you will get a lot out of attending a class.

In real estate location sells; in yoga it may not be a primary factor but it certainly can be a fun one!! You’ve seen many of my outdoor classes, but here is one in the Lululemon showroom last spring. We are packed in like sardines and it is great!  (That’s me on the purple mat)
luluyogaluluyoga2 IMG_0360warriorpose
If you know that you will be more motivated to practice with others, then start hunting for the place that fits you…an outdoor class? your gym? a yoga studio?  Or maybe you know that for you the requirement to travel anywhere will keep you from fulfilling your goal…so pick a place at home and bust out that mat!

You’ve probably read a lot about the benefits, but here is a testimony from a friend (Thomas Taulbee) that recently did 30 days with local Miami studios:

February of this year, I challenged myself to 30 straight days of yoga. I choose to practice primarily vinyasa but did add a little extra challenge by practicing Ashtanga twice a week.

Thirty days changed my life! I know it’s hard to believe but what happened to me altered the way I look at life and how I live it! How is that possible?

Blood Pressure dropped 10 points
% of body lowered by 3 %
Weight stayed constant which means I built muscle mass!

These are great but where this challenge really changed me is in my sense of being calm, peaceful and most importantly present with my body. The difference in these thirty days was indeed measurable!

Sign Up now to enjoy this challenge and see what changes you experience in just 30 days!  Feel free to post the logo on your site to encourage friends to join you. Throughout the challenge you’ll be hearing from other yogi’s on how to ensure you are doing poses correctly, benefits, explaining different types of yoga and tips!

I will also post a full list of participants on May 1 and then link up any posts throughout the month. Miami participants should also be on the look out for a class taught by Thomas!
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Apr 23
I am grateful for my compression shorts this morning as I think they are holding my IT band on to my leg and will be happily sliding under my jeans for a 5 hour flight to Vegas.

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