12 Places to Run Before You Die

Only 12? I bet you can think of about 50 places you’d love to run in just the next year if time and money were no object. However, running is not a job for most of us, instead it is an element of the day that brings some peace, some challenge and the caloric freedom to enjoy a cookie.

To that end here is a mix of the locations and running experiences that would satisfy our internal desire to experience the world around us from the vantage point of our two feet.
Down under

For you Ozzies this would be reversed I suppose to “Up Over?”, but for my US readers one of my top locations for a new run would be Australia. For starters there is a weird sensation of knowing you are in a totally different hemisphere and yet still your body works the same…there are kangaroos, kolas, mates…and still your body works the same.
– Options: Queensland marathon or checkout out this AU event list…or of course lace up and run from wherever you are staying (but bring me a long!)

Not my hometown, but your hometown! Many of us became runners later in life and have not taken the time to go back and explore the streets where we grew up. Luckily for me my parents still live within a few blocks of my childhood home so I am able to do this and feel the surge of pride at how far I’ve come since those days along with a lot of nostalgia.
– Options: Use mapmyrun to figure out a path if you haven’t been there in awhile

Snow covered trail
Running in the snow can certainly be a drag if you aren’t dressed appropriately or are going on an extreme winter…but being the first to set your prints in fallen snow in the woods is bliss. There is a knowing that you are stronger than the average bear (who we hope in hibernating) and a peace from everything feeling so clean and crisp.
– Options: Have a planned park nearby for the next fresh snowfall

Beach run
Have your Baywatch moment and enjoy the added benefits of calf toning with a little run on the beaches. Ideally it would be nothing but the world’s most notoriously beautiful beaches of Hawaii.

Fall foliage
The change of seasons brings with it an awareness of time passing and well it’s just down right gorgeous to marvel at the way nature works. Embracing the change by marveling at what is brings is just another moment in the thought process of a long run.
– Options: Anywhere in the Northeast has spectacular foliage, checkout RunVermont for some events.

Summertime Mountains
When people think of the mountains a vivid image of hitting the slopes comes to mind, but for runners a hidden gem awaits in the summer months! It’s a chance to run at altitude without even noticing because the beauty is overwhelming!
– Options: The infamous Mammoth Track Club, Colorado, Northcornwall (as featured in RW)

Nighttime Relay
Many of us find ourselves running in the dark after work, but running at midnight in a new location is an experience best saved for the security provided by a relay race. Not only do you get a charge from running in a new location, but from knowing you truly would never have the experience on your own.
– Options:

Unlike the lush mountains or a flower run, canyons leave you instead with a sense of how big the world is and how long it has truly been developing all around us.
– Options: Grand Canyon, Red Rock, Santa Fe

National Mall
Running early in the morning through our nations capital can bring chills even to the least patriotic. If you are lucky enough to be there in the spring it is further enhanced by the cherry blossoms.
– Options: “

Flower Garden
”Come tiptoe through the tulips with me” – Tiny Tim. You could run through a field of sunflowers in Kansas, a rose garden in DC, or maybe enjoy the Tulip Fesitval in Holland. Rutgers performed a study showing that flowers have an immediate impact on happiness…combine that with a run and I’d say pure bliss is the outcome.
– Options: Holland Tuliptime Festival, Methows Trail Sunflower Relay,

In Florida bridge running replaces hill workouts, but that’s not the type of bridge I’m referring to here. I mean one of the great wonders that as you move over it makes you
– Options: There is the seven mile bridge to Key West, the Golden Gate and

As we know I am not a fan of the track, but I do think it’s one of the places every runner must experience to have a full appreciation for our sport. A mile can fly by in the scenery of the world around us, but each step is more conscious and focused for those moments in the oval.
– Options: Your local high school or go big and find a track that hold meaning for you like your college or Hayward field where the Oregon Nike Track Club often workouts out.

If you are looking for some great around the world races, I couldn’t pull together a more fabulous list than Adventures with Alexandra! Anyhone else feeling totally inspired to book a destination race?

I was not paid for any links, just the great ones I found.
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April 12
I am grateful for the amazing opportunity to run in new places and experience it not through a car window or a camera lens, but through my whole body.

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