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What we measure we change. This is one of my favorite statements of all time because of the power behind it. Did you know they have shown that someone who tracks their weight is more likely to lose weight? Someone who tracks how far they run is more likely to run farther…what are you tracking?  Right now I’m letting the BodyMedia armband do all the heavy lifting for me in terms of tracking!
I wish I could say it looks this sexy on me, but it doesn’t. I am tracking how long it takes me to look that sexy while using it though…so based on the measure it for success path I’d say about 10 years if she gains a few and I lose a few. Then again if I get my estrogen figured out, well she better just be on her toes cause I’ll be shredded in 30. Ok enough silly talk here is some more interesting info for you number nuts!

Biking: I have always thought the calorie estimates for biking were way to high and this has helped me prove that. So remember that the machines are wrong and even a lot of the calculators aren’t always accurate. For example RW recently said you would burn 680 calories in 60 min at roughly a 15mph pace…I road 60 minutes at 18mph (with intervals) and burned around 360 calories

Yoga: Based on the above I would assume that yoga is roughly the same…not so much, I actually burn more calories per minute. Which leads me to believe that since the armband is well on my arm, it is not fully picking up the biking activity. It’s picking up my increased body heat and sweat, but not much associated movement.

Sleep: Running my sleep efficiency report again showed that recently I’ve been lying down, but not so much sleeping. This would help to explain why I am feeling so much more tired! Unfortunately my brain is on overdrive until the doctor hands down marching orders.

How much does it cost?
The arm band itself is currently on sale for $149 and then there is the online Activity Manager tool which you must have honestly to use the armband. The first three months are free and then it is $6.95 a month.  If you are interested in seeing your numbers and tracking nutrition it’s worth it.  The little notes like hey you took in too many fat calories today are reminder to look at more than calories. 
Another option is to buy via Jillian Michaels so that you can also get access to her online community. I think this is probably the best way to go because having tested it out a few months ago I can say it’s FULL of information. There are online support groups, daily meal plans, tons of her workouts and hence a lot of motivation to help you meet your goal.

Where can you get it?
While they do list retailers like Target and Best Buy, I don’t remember ever seeing on there so online may be your best bet. But check out the where to buy page.

Is it uncomfortable?
For the most part it really doesn’t bother me and has actually become quite handy for clipping my iPod on while running, walking, lifting, etc.  As I said last time my only complaint is that it really is visible. If you were trying to wear it all the time (i.e. work, social events) I could see it making you feel self conscious because people are going to ask what the deal is. If you like me adore talking about running, working out, food then you’ll probably wear it with fingers crossed that someone does ask.

Does it smell?
I have sprayed mine with Febreeze just to be safe, but no even after a month of sweat fests this thing does not smell. I would like to request all of my workout gear be made from this material!

Battery Life?
If you don’t feel like hooking it up daily to download your numbers the battery actually lasts for like three days and then within a few minutes of being hooked up to the computer it is recharged and ready to go.

Are you influenced to try products like this after seeing them on the Biggest Loser or because they are endorsed by a trainer you like (i.e. Jillian)?
Gratitude Journal
March 22
I am grateful for a visit from the in-laws this weekend, which will allow us to reconnect with family in person!  Virtual hugs just aren’t the same.

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